Kees Can Der Westen Spirit Espresso Machine to Make Washington Debut at Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co.

The most advanced machine on the market to be in all Caffe Vita locations by early 2015

SEATTLE, WA – October 16, 2014 –Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co. announces the independent company based in Seattle will be the sole Washington state distributor of the coveted Spirit espresso machine by Kees Van Der Westen. Known as the most efficient and technical machine on the market, as well as for its remarkable design, Caffe Vita welcomes the Spirit to the company’s eleven cafes throughout Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Los Angeles and New York.


Since the late 1980’s, Dutch-born Kees Van Der Westen has expertly crafted espresso machines harkening back to when Italian-made devices embodied traditional art deco aesthetics. The release of his revolutionary one-group machine, the Speedster in the mid-2000’s, spurred widespread commercial interest in his unique designs. Shortly thereafter, van der Westen debuted the Spirit machine in Australia, previously only in European cafes.


This past May, Caffe Vita owner, Mike McConnell, visited the Kees Van Der Westen facility in Waalre, the Netherlands. Struck by van der Westen’s dedication to the precise nature of the Spirit, McConnell decided to install the Dutch company’s signature machine in his cafes throughout the United States this fall.


Representing the pinnacle of development for Kees van der Westen, the Spirit remains the most sought after espresso device available, as well as the most expensive, starting at just over $19,000. With individual PID temperature, a controlled boiler for every group head and contained pressure gauging for each group, the Spirit is ergonomically built for barista comfort.


Additional features include:

·       One pressure gauge per group for individual monitoring.

·       Built in auto pre-infusion with visual sliding piston.

·       Fully saturated self-bleeding groups.

·       All new POM dispersion plates in each group are temperature neutral and resistant to fouling from coffee oils.

·       Height adjustable drain tray.

·       Steam activation by levers with progressive control.

·       Illuminated rear panel allows for custom signage.

·       Exceptional build quality with stainless steel frame and high-grade aluminum body.


Caffe Vita’s commitment to quality extends from sustainably sourcing farm direct coffee to expertly roasting in-house; making the Spirit machine, a natural choice for the company’s multiple cafes.



Caffe Vita is an independent, local coffee roaster and pioneer of the Farm Direct movement since 1995. Meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term, mutually fruitful relationships with coffee growers in more than 11 countries, Caffe Vita works with and invests in farmers who are committed to sustainable practices. To learn more, please

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