La Spaziale Dream: the top in a super-compact machine

LaSpaziale_DreamR_3-4As absolute preview, by La Spaziale stand – hall 27, stand 51/53 – at TriestEspresso Expo, we will present “the Dream machine”, La Spaziale Dream.

With the performance of the top series S40 Seletron and the compact dimensions of the series S1, Dream is the ideal solution for those who strive for excellence, as gourmet specialty shops, micro roasters, wineries or pastry confectioner’s shops where quality and aesthetic look play an essential role. Although it is a small compact 1 group machine, dedicated also to true coffee passionate lovers for domestic use, Dream holds inside the whole avant-garde of the top series and a technology which allows the total control of the parameters that are essential for a perfect espresso.

Thanks to an intuitive multi language icon based display, intuitive just as a smart phone, Dream even offers the possibility to set four different user/coffee profiles by programming the main functioning and operating parameters, such as: coffee water temperature, hot water and steam boiler temperature, volumetric dose setting, pre-infusion time, regulating parameters for hot water and tea.

This function allows each operator to work with the chosen setting profile or to control various pure origin coffees or different blends on the same machine, granting always an optimal result in the cup. To contribute to a perfect espresso extraction we also have a sensor that controls extraction time and suggests to the operator the adjustments to make in case of a too coarse or too fine grinding.

Another remarkable feature for such small and compact machine, is the electronic temperature regulation of the coffee delivery group by P.I.D. (Proportional Integral Derivative): an algorithm which constantly verifies and checks the temperature keeping it consistent with a highly sensitive level of precision with respect to other traditional methods.

Dream, furthermore, boasts a series of devices which allow to improve the energy efficiency of the machine: the automatic shutdown in case of prolonged inactivity, economy function which directs power only where it is necessary so as not to overcome the 1250 W power absorption, the switch on setting for  three time periods during the day so as to keep it working only during work load peak hours, the possibility of excluding the water boiler for tea so as to maintain only the necessary power input.

Available in two versions, with and without inner tank, Dream has a graphic back-lit capacitive touchpad, has a modern body with metallic paint and the cup base grid illuminated by two led lights.

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