Heartland Payment Systems supports Apple Pay; opportunity for merchants to upgrade to NFC and EMV

Apple was thinking of the big picture with the timing of Apple Pay.  Merchants who want to accept Apple Pay will need to have NFC (Near Field Communication) readers. If they’re upgrading to NFC, they should also upgrade to EMV to meet the October 2015 deadline when the liability shifts for counterfeit transactions from banks to merchants,” said Bob Carr, chairman and CEO of Heartland Payment Systems, which will be processing Apple Pay transactions during the World Series at AT&T Park concessions in San Francisco. “Heartland supports Apple Pay because it aligns with our mission – to provide a secure method for transaction acceptance.  EMV helps combat counterfeit acceptance and through ‘chip & PIN’ can validate the consumer is the purchaser, which is why the upgrade is worthwhile. Consumers, retailers, payment processors and credit card companies should continue to embrace new payment technologies such as NFC, EMV, BLE and encryption as a  means of secure yet dynamic payment acceptance.

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