Bühler strengthens its commitment to coffee processors in Africa with the new SORTEX B ColorVision™ sorter for premium quality product

New Bühler Centre of Excellence for Coffee also established in Nairobi, Kenya, to support regional Customer Service network  

London, United Kingdom, 17 July 2014 – In direct response to increasingly challenging operating conditions faced by coffee processors in Africa, the Bühler Group, a global leader in food processing and optical sorting solutions, has invested in a purpose-built customer service facility in Nairobi, Kenya, and reinforced its dedicated portfolio of customer-focused optical sorting technologies for coffee with the SORTEX B ColorVision™.

With the price for coffee falling globally, there is greater pressure on coffee processors to extract an improved yield from the incoming coffee beans. Many are turning to additional hand picking, in order to achieve the quality necessary to meet export standards, or investing in alternative low-cost solutions.  However such measures cannot consistently meet the ever stringent demands of the industry.

“In today’s margin-squeezed coffee sector, time is money and hand picking represents a further limitation to productivity,” said Bühler global product manager Jose Rubens.

To empower coffee processing customers to achieve superior yields, whilst maintaining high quality and throughputs cost effectively, Bühler has introduced the SORTEX B ColorVision™ optical sorter.  The SORTEX B ColorVision™ can detect a wide range of foreign material and subtle colour defects, typically found in Arabica Coffee, such as discoloured, immature, vinegar/foxy and insect damaged (broca) coffee beans.

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