Coffee Analysts has created a comprehensive Tea Testing program to address quality and consistency issues for tea products.

Even after centuries of growing tea and brewing tea as a global beverage, there remain unanswered questions regarding tea standards and product specifications.  Coffee Analysts conducted extensive research with respected tea institutions, such as the World Tea Academy and the Specialty Tea Institute, to develop a dynamic tea testing program for loose tea, bags, sachets, single-cup and ready-to-drink products.

Coffee Analysts will conduct physical, chemical, and sensorial analysis of tea products using scientific testing equipment and published ISO protocols. Coffee Analysts’ staff will test for current quality levels, evaluate items versus product specifications, and conduct comparative analysis between different tea products.

Spencer Turer, Vice President states, “Our independent analysis of tea products has been welcomed by many professionals in the tea industry. Gwen Russell, our Tea Specialist, is leading our staff in the development and execution of our new tea testing programs.”

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About Coffee Analysts

Founded in 1994, Coffee Analysts is an independent tea & coffee testing laboratory. We do not sell tea & coffee products; we help you manage coffee & tea quality. Our team specializes in the evaluation and improvement of tea & coffee programs throughout the global supply chain, including foodservice, retail and single-cup products. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions in managing their coffee program by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.

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