Introducing Carta Coffee Merchants: Farm-to-Cup, 100% Kona Coffee: California winemaker-turned-coffee farmer launches direct-to-consumer coffee venture

Genevieve Brazelton - email headerKona, Hawaii – September 29, 2015: Kona-based direct-to-consumer coffee startup Carta Coffee Merchants has launched phase one of it’s e-commerce business via Kickstarter, offering coffee lovers a chance to pre-order their inaugural handcrafted 100% Kona Coffee blends. Carta Coffee sources beans from its own home farm, a mixed elevation, sloping 6-acre piece of land in the Kealakekua district of Kona, as well as from select small, sustainably-minded farms throughout Kona.

In addition to being a new venture dedicated to producing high quality, US-made coffee, Carta Coffee’s founding story really sets it apart. Founder, Scott Burr, a third generation California farmer, winemaker and enologist, left a lengthy career for Kona, HI to buy and rehabilitate an overgrown 6-acre coffee farm with the goal of making the highest quality, single origin, hand harvested 100% Kona Coffee possible. Scott is no stranger to working the land. Growing up on a small winery and farm south of San Francisco, he learned firsthand the hard work required to produce something from the ground up. His deep appreciation for the often unpredictable art of farming and grape growing lead him to earn a B.S. in Viticulture and Enology from Fresno State University. Scott went on to make a 20-plus year career of advising vineyard owners and wineries around the world on how to make the best wine possible. Through travels to the islands of Hawaii, he fell in love with the region of Kona and its coffee, noting similarities between with grape growing and winemaking and coffee farming and producing. Connected with George Yasuda, Kona’s top agricultural consultant and founder of the esteemed Tiare Lani Coffee, Scott found an overgrown coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  After months of careful rehabilitation of the land and coffee trees, Scott is completing the first harvest from the property, now called Nolyssa Farm after his children Nolan and Alyssa.

Scott’s unique background in viticulture and winemaking gives him a fresh perspective on coffee making. He’s experimenting with and presenting very new approaches to coffee production which will be the cornerstone of the Carta Coffee portfolio. These include offering side-by-side samplers of different processing styles, from beans dried in both the natural process technique (cherry and bean together) and more traditional methods; presenting roastings and harvesting selections from specific growth plots. Some of these ideas are very labor intensive, but if done correctly, will make for very flavorful and unique cups of coffee and are completely unique in the industry.

Carta is using the Kickstarter Campaign to enable customers to pre-order the first batches of Carta Coffee before phase two, the official launch of the online store in November. All Kickstarter supporters will become immediate members of the Carta Founder’s Club, which will offer exclusive access to coffees and items available to no one else, including the very first roast produced, the Founder’s Blend and annual first harvest blends. Highlights from the reward list include beautiful postcards of the farm, Carta’s inaugural Latitude Roast, side by side samplers, and a “Day in the Life” of a Kona coffee farmer. To see a complete list visit the Kickstarter campaign.

A portion of the Kickstarter proceeds will go to the Kahalu‘u Bay Education Center, which educates visitors to Kona’s Kahalu‘u Bay on proper reef etiquette and ecosystem stewardship.

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