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Good Morning Brew: A Perky Picture Book for Coffee Lovers Creates a Stir November 2015

Good Morning Brew: A Parody for Coffee People will be published by Bailiwick Press November 1, 2015.

A parody of the beloved children’s book Goodnight Moon, Good Morning Brew is a full-color, playful picture book for grown-ups as well as coffee-culture families. Join this coffeehouse menagerie as they say good morning to the beans, the grounds, the espressos, the lattes, the flat whites, and much, much more. Need a refresher on how coffee travels from field to cup? Perplexed by espresso options? Don’t miss the bonus coffee infographics at the end of the book!

“A fun celebration of café culture. You’ll smile at the satire and maybe even learn something by the end. An ideal gift for the latte lover in your life.” — Steven D. Ward, author, The Coffeeist Manifesto

“A wonderful ode to coffee lovers everywhere. The story illustrates the power of coffee to unite us and jumpstart our days.”
— Rohan Marley, Chairman, Marley Coffee

“Critter Joe coffeehouse is a fun place for everyone to visit. Stop by for a delicious good morning latte or just to chat with your favorite kangaroo barista.” — Caroline Bell, Founder & CEO, Café Grumpy

“While the children’s classic completes the day with a yawn, Good Morning Brew awakens coffee lovers’ intense yearning for our favorite liquid.” — Ryoko Iwata, author of Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

“A visual feast and feel-good stroll through our daily ritual.” — Phil Maloney, Green Coffee Buyer, Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Karla “Dale E. Grind” Oceanak is the nom de brew of the author of the beloved Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series for young readers. She has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years and speaks on children’s literacy. Allie Ogg is an illustrator, potter, and fine artist. The duo, who both live in Fort Collins, Colorado, previously teamed up for the bestselling Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People.

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Good Morning Brew: written by Karla “Dale E. Grind” Oceanak, illustrated by Allie Ogg; ISBN 978-1-934649-59-6; published by Bailiwick Press, Fort Collins, Colorado,; distributed by Legato Publishers Group, an affiliate of Publishers Group West; available October/November 2015; $16.95 USA / $20.99 Canada; Humor; hardcover; 32 pages; 10” x 8.5”; color illustrations.

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