The Ultimate Cafe Owner’s Guide

Hannah Corbett - Cafe Guide Main TitleIt’s no secret that running a business can be difficult, and, arguably, those in the cafe or coffee shop business have it hardest. Whether it’s a matter of keeping your head above water, or if it’s an effort to grow your business to the next level – it’s not always obvious where you should go for advice. Well, cafe and coffee shop owners on the lookout for advice to help them boost their businesses need look no further.
Small business savings experts, Make It Cheaper, have produced a free, in-depth guide to assist with all aspects of running a cafe – The Ultimate Cafe Owner’s Guide. You can find the guide here:
No matter whether your coffee shop is well established and has been around for years, or if it has only just opened its doors to the public – even if you’re still in the entrepreneurial stages of planning your coffee shop start up – the Ultimate Cafe Owner’s Guide is bound to have something you’ll be able to make use of. In five thorough chapters, the piece takes you through the necessary planning to start a cafe, the process of actually opening one, tips and tricks for the everyday running of a cafe or coffee shop, as well as bigger ideas for boosting business and increasing sales. The guide concludes with some well-rounded advice from real, existing cafe owners in the UK – altogether creating a cohesive and incredibly informative piece.
The guide’s easily navigable layout – made user-friendly by the use of jump links from a table of contents – makes it a great resource that cafe owners and entrepreneurs can easily refer back to time and time again.
So, whether you’re having difficulty getting your start up cafe off the ground, simply looking to increase the sales your existing cafe makes, or whether you want to expand on a major scale – chances are, you’ll find something in The Ultimate Cafe Owner’s Guide to help you on your way.

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