Ninety Plus Coffee Dominates in Recent World Championships


-8 Baristas Successfully Compete With Their Selection of Ninety Plus Taste Profiles-

October 20, 2015 — Miami, Florida
In an announcement today to its worldwide customer base, Ninety Plus Coffee® highlighted its success in being the selection of eight winning baristas in four recent premier competitions. In the “open service” portion of final competition rounds, baristas select a coffee to feature in their preparation and service to the judges. Ninety Plus coffees were dominant in the winner’s circle.
In the World Brewers Cup held in Gothenburg, Sweden, earlier this year, Odd-Steinar Tollefson of Norway was named World Champion with his service of “Semeon Abay Maker Series”, an innovative experimental Ethiopian coffee, produced by Ninety Plus. Second Place as well went to a barista serving a Ninety Plus coffee.
World Coffee In Good Spirits was the companion event in Gothenburg.  The world champion in this event, George Koustoumpardis, also served a Ninety Plus Taste Profile.
At the World Siphonist Championship just concluded in Tokyo, the World Champion was Ryan Tan of Singapore. As in the World Brewers Cup, the competition was successfully won with the “Semeon Abay Maker Series.” Third Place as well went to the barista serving a Ninety Plus coffee.
Also in Tokyo, in the Japan Barista Championship, Ninety Plus coffees were featured in the service by competitors receiving First and Sixth Place. Yoshikazu Iwase won the Japan Barista Championship with a Ninety Plus Taste Profile for the second consecutive year.
Many observers noted that it is a remarkable achievement to be the single featured coffee in the two world championships best known for being built around coffee flavor, the Brewer’s Cup and the Siphonist Championship.
“I am proud that two world championships were won with one Ninety Plus coffee,” said Joseph Brodsky, founder and CEO of Ninety Plus. “We think our Semeon Abay Maker Series has earned the reputation as the world’s premier specialty coffee in 2015,” he said.
“And this is the second consecutive year that Ninety Plus was featured by the champion in the World Brewers Cup. We are extremely honored to have our coffees used by these nine champions and other winners in recent competitions,” said Brodsky.
Ninety Plus® Coffee, based in Miami, Florida, has earned worldwide recognition for its various brands and Taste Profiles produced at its farm in Panama, and developed with its partners in Ethiopia and other locations around the world. “Our great coffees are built on a foundation of expertly selected cherry varieties, microclimates at the farms, and proprietary processing formulae,” said Brodsky.

The award winning Baristas and their featured coffees are:

World Brewers Cup
World Champion – Odd-Steinar Tollefson, Supreme Roastworks, Norway, using Semeon Abay Maker Series
2nd Place – Konstantinos Latridis, Taf Coffee, Greece, using Stefanos Domatiotis Maker Series

World Coffee in Good Spirits
World Champion – George Koustoumpardis, The Underdog, Greece, using Kemgin
3rd – Paul Ungureanu, Romania, using Hachira


World Siphonist Championship
World Champion – Ryan Tan, Singapore, using Semeon Abay Maker Series
3rd Place – Stanley Chien, Taiwan, using Hachira Red

Japan Barista Championship
Champion for second consecutive year with Ninety Plus – Yoshikazu Iwase, REC Coffee, using Perci Pinnacle and Lycello Pinnacle
6th Place – Keisuke Honma, Saza Coffee, using Nekisse Red

Ninety Plus Coffee is an internationally recognized producer of green coffee sold to its distributors and customers around the world. Its brands include Ninety Plus®, Levelup®, and Level One. The Company is headquartered in Miami and has offices in Denver, Colorado and Volcán, Panama.


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