October 26, 2015 ( Nonprofit partnership “Organization of coffee manufacturers in Russia” (OCM) has officially ceased to exist from October 2015.

OCM was established in 2000, in the composition of its founders were such large multinational coffee companies like Kraft Foods LLC, JSC MTS (Chibo), Nestle Food LLC and some others. The organization aims were to raise standards and improve working conditions in the Russian coffee market.

The activities of the OCM in the Russian Federation connected with initiatives to harmonize Russian standards of production and coffee sales to international standards, as well as the implementation of  the international program of Health Care Professions Coffee Education Program (completed at the end of the 2000s) which was aimed at promoting the latest research on the effects of coffee consumption on human health and the explanation of the falsity of some strongly held beliefs associated with coffee consumption.

The first activities of the OCM proceeded against contradictions with the Russian Association of tea and coffee manufactures (Association “Rusteacoffee”), which were connected with the different approaches to the question about the necessity of localization of industrial processing of coffee in the Russian Federation. After the mid-2000s, the Association “Rusteacoffee” managed to lobby a number of changes in the rules of operation of the coffee market (including the zero duty on imports of green coffee), and as the result the efficiency of the processing operations on the Russian territory increased. After that multinational giants have built their processing factories in Russia, and the conflict of interests between two organizations was actually exhausted.

The last 4 years OCM remained passive and some of the companies, primarily involved in the activities of the OCM, in the new conditions preferred the membership in the Association “Rusteacoffee”, that nowadays includes such major coffee manufactures, like Orimi Trade (Jardin), Strauss (Elite), Tata Global Beverages (Grand), Food Empire (MacCoffee), Paulig, Megapolis (Milagro), Moscow Coffee Company (Suare), Russian product  (Tradition), Slavkofe  (Panthere Noir), Nadin coffee.

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