White Coffee Challenges Leading Brands with Organic Cold Brew Entry

Long Island City, NY –White Coffee Corporation is taking the plunge into the cold brew segment this fall with the introduction of “Organic Cold Brew.” “Cold brew,” the method of brewing coffee through a totally cold process without exposure to hot water, is taking the country by storm. White Coffee’s Organic Cold Brew may take the lead in the contest for a rich taste from the new way of preparing cold coffees.

Why is White Coffee so thrilled and confident over its new cold brew?

Better than “iced coffee,” the entry enables a distinctive cold-brewed drink, smooth and rich, with little acidity and no bitterness as found in iced coffee.

White’s Organic Cold Brew is certified USDA Organic, a coveted label for its insistence on brewing and roasting coffee without the use of fertilizers, growth substances, antibiotics or pesticides.

Organic Cold Brew is fresh—and refreshing. The beverage is not derived from concentrate, like other leading brands.
White Coffee’s brewing technique takes a fraction of the 20+hour process employed by competitors. In just three hours, the Organic Cold Brew is ready to be served.

“Consumers are looking for speed and convenience, but are not willing to sacrifice great taste,” says Jonathan White, Executive Vice President of White Coffee Corporation. “The Millennials are the first generation to grow up with high quality coffee tastes. We are proud of the taste that Organic Cold Brew offers and through retail locations, and on-line, this product will help fulfill that demand.” According to Mintel International, the cold brew category of the specialty coffee market has soared, with sales increasing 339% between 2010-2015.

The flavorful cold brew process is brewed in place, right before your eyes. The coffee is pre-ground and overwrapped to insure product freshness. Each filter bag is brewed with one gallon of water.

White Coffee’s Organic Brew is available at outlets this fall. White Coffee continues its dedication to packaging innovation, adding to full service coffee offerings including coffee and coffee products in bags, bricks, single serve coffee, BioCup® and compatible coffee pods.

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