The traditional five days of the world artisanal sweet product show will be staged in Rimini (Italy) from 21 to 25 January 2017. Increasingly more ‘Horeca oriented’, as and from the next appointment SIGEP will see coffee among its protagonists, assuming the new dimension of The International Exhibition for the artisan production of Gelato, Pastry and Bakery Products and Coffee
Focus is on a number of international events:
4TH JUNIOR PASTRY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to be staged in the spectacular Pastry Arena on 21 and 22 January 2017. Ten teams of young pastry chefs from France, Japan, the Balkans, India, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Italy will be competing on the theme Planet Fantasy putting on a show made up a strong passion and love for things beautiful. The quality of the creations, inspired by the Planet Fantasy theme, will be the emblem of careful research into the use of ingredients and the perfection of techniques, in order to achieve increasingly higher professional standards;

THE STAR OF SUGAR, International Sugar Art contest scheduled at Sigep from 21 to 25 January 2017: a competition which invites all the confectioners to free the imaginative side of their characters. Sugar artists from Italy, France, Portugal, India and Morocco will engage in a search for new forms, original lines and innovative techniques to complete their creations, thus demonstrating their skills as leading Masters through works which will be on display throughout the period of the event.

But Sigep is more than this. It is also a platform for observing new trends, seeking inspiration and novelties which also become a moment of professional training thanks too to the acquisition of extensive know-how as regards the artisanal sweet product supply chain. Yes, because SIGEP is all about supply chains – that of gelato, that of pastry products, that of bakery products, and of coffee, which all peacefully coexist, not as separate worlds but rather by intersecting and superimposing themselves continuously, creating a mix of ideas, flavours and tastes that represent industry novelties and trends. Visitors are thus catapulted into a turbine of colours, tastes, products and presentations which become a total experience able to fuel both their minds, and therefore their professional spirits, and their ego, and therefore their sense of taste, smell and sight.

SIGEP presents a new product, tells you how to use it, suggests where to use it and with which packaging to present it. All this is completed by the event and competition arenas which represent shows with all the refinement and elegance of Italian Style…..
All this is called SIGEP…..

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