Wheelys 5 Open Source – The Swiss army knife of mobile food

helena-helenawheelyscafe-com-wheelys5_heroWheelys Inc, a Swedish Y Combinator startup operating hi-tech organic bike cafés in over 65 countries, have gotten on board with the fact that variety is indeed the spice of life, and boy did they spice it up this time. Not only offering their new model; the Wheelys 5, but also a unique, playful modular system inspired by lego bricks, turning the bike into a flexible food vending platform. Wheelys are showing the world one more time, what you can actually fit onto a bike. It turns out it’s a lot, like Mary Poppins’ bag a lot, and they are just warming up!

A Wheelys owner can now not only show off their sparkling, quirky personality, but they can also differentiate themselves in 7 different ways. Operating in the niche of their choice, which includes:

The Espresso stand
If your local market is buzzing for pure unadulterated espresso, Wheelys offer their nifty, durable “Espresso” module, a solution that runs on both electricity and propane gas for flexibility.

The Juice Bar
Perhaps you are on some exotic island somewhere, with coconuts dropping from trees and smacking you in the face. What you really need is a system to help you milk all of those pesky fruit, teasing you from those low lying branches. Wheelys offer you the “Juice Bar”.

The Crêpe Machine
For those who cannot decide between salty and sweet, Wheelys offer a module which means you never have to make this difficult choice ever again: the “Crêpe stand”. With this system you can offer those filling savoury galettes and a sneaky crêpe for dessert.

The Nitro Keg
If you are working in a hot and hip joint, why not add the newest wave of coffee delivery, the “Nitro Keg”, this is a one of a kind on the market, hiding a tap and drip tray, with a second unit containing the nitrogen and keg. Perfect for serving cold brew to those thirsty folks.

The Ice Cream Box
If a wheeler happens to be in a park, or operating near a school, or just somewhere really warm, a refreshing ice cream box would be the perfect addition to the bike, to keep all of those passers by sugared and hydrated.

The Turkish Coffee Kit
This is a great opportunity for Wheelys owners to be competitive in markets where Turkish coffee is in heavy demand, but also for those who would like to offer a new and true Turkish coffee experience to their market place, it even comes with its very own sand pit.

The Drip Station
For those Wheelers that revel in the traditional Wheelys style science of coffee, this is the way to pimp their station out with more goodies, more drips and ultimately focusing on what counts, good coffee!

Never has it been so easy to own a café, and to create the business you have always wanted. From the country that gave the World IKEA, Wheelys offers a world class Swedish designed café bicycle, that you can add to and tweak at your heart’s desire. The best news is, Wheelys build and assemble it for you!

It is called Wheelys Open Source. Because it is no longer just a café. It is an ice cream bar, a galette maker, a turkish coffee stand. The biggest invention in mobile food since some greek invented the wine bottle.

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