Full City Rooster Coffee Roasting Studio Announces Expansion

Three Years After Opening Coffee Roasting Studio Full City Rooster Announcing Opening of Expanded Space, Offerings, Coffee Shop
Historic Cedars Neighborhood’s Gathering Place Grows Thanks to Community and Quality

wyatt-brand-fullcityroosterlogo_medDALLAS, Texas (Oct. 2016) – Building on 200% growth in year over year sales since opening in 2013 as a coffee roaster selling whole bean and ground coffee locally/internationally from its intimate space in the historic Cedars neighborhood directly south of downtown Dallas, Full City Rooster today announces the opening of a 60% expansion on Friday, October 21 totaling 2,500 square feet of café, expanded menu, roasting space, added seating, a 750 square foot patio with food truck access, an area for performances, and hand-picked retail items. The popularity of the distinctive coffee and personalized service has been built organically—so to speak—with word of mouth and community service. They plan to to hire four additional employees part time or full time.

Full City Rooster—hereafter functioning as both a roaster and full service coffee shop—will continue selling bags of coffee over the counter and by direct mail as it adds Monday through Saturday (7 am – 4 pm) service and a menu that will include traditional coffee drinks prepared to order using pour over or hand tamped espresso. Baristas will also offer a selection of hot teas, cold brew concentrate, sipping chocolate via Dude Sweet Chocolate, and pastries from many of the best pastry chefs in Dallas. The ownership intends to go deeper with community roots and a concept that caters to connection rather than isolation—discouraging lone customers at tables looking at screens. The expansion was designed and built by Steve Mabry.

“Good coffee isn’t fast & fast coffee isn’t good”
Owner and master roaster Michael Wyatt—someone that’s been in the coffee business for over two decades—sought to enable community-building with this expansion. “This is purposefully not a ‘commuter coffee shop’ nor is it what you might call precious. Still, each coffee will be prepared to order, using pour over or hand tamped espresso. Good coffee isn’t fast & fast coffee isn’t good.” says Wyatt. He continues, “The menu isn’t spelled out for customers because we want the experience to start with a conversation. Our focus on coffee will remain, while we add extra time and space for people.”

Besides their staple of popular, freshly roasted coffee, Full City Rooster’s retail wall will offer coffee cherry tea, handmade ceramic cups, FCR t-shirts, issues of FOOL magazine, and some brewing equipment (Aeropress, Chemex, pour over set-ups, etc.) Full City Rooster intends to keep partnering with musicians, artists, chefs, & organizations for entertainment events, pop-ups, & fundraisers as well.

A True Neighborhood Coffee Shop
Full City Rooster is remarkable not only for its coffee—unusually fresh and boasting a nuanced flavor—but also for the authenticity of the human connections that happen within its walls. Its rise in popularity parallels that of the Cedar’s neighborhood but also the emergence of locally hewn genuineness and more casual culture that’s been increasingly a part of the new Dallas way of experiencing food, beverage, and places.

Co-owner and wife Chris Middlebrooks Wyatt comments, “We’ve been supported and cheered on by our community in the Cedars, and the greater community of Dallas who choose to spend their time here, or even simply order from us. We’ve witnessed beautiful, funny, and intriguing conversations with our coffee as the companion. It’s an honor to be a part of these people’s lives.” Chris and Michael see this expansion into the café not merely as a business move but also as a way to offer more time and space for people to enjoy the opportunities of community.

“Sustainability” isn’t just marketing lingo for Full City Rooster. Environmental efficiency of their roasting machinery, recycling where ever possible, insisting on small batch roasts, sourcing for only the highest quality & taste, investing in locally produced equipment and supplies, and investing in farming communities by seeking their specialty coffee crops are integral decisions to making coffee conscionable as well as engaging the senses fully. Whereas many coffees tout sustainable practices yet hide the poorer quality of their beans by over-roasting them—amping up gut punching and bitter flavor (or alternately making coffee overly enzymic with too light of a roast) in the process—Full City Rooster differentiates with quality and care.

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