Kyuemon Filter On The Way

The Kyuemon Ceramic Filter Is Finally On Its Way!

terry-chestlock-banner-3Victoria, BC – After a very successful product introduction at Coffee Fest Anaheim at the beginning of the month, Sunbridge Innovative Products Ltd. is pleased to officially announce that the Kyuemon Ceramic Filter is finally on its way to American shores.

Sunbridge Innovative Products Ltd. is the exclusive importer for Kyuemon products into the North American marketplace. SunbridgeIP is now actively seeking retailers, roasters, shop owners and both tea and coffee industry distribution networks for its Kyuemon Ceramic Filter product and wire dripper stand.

For individual retail orders, expect to see the Kyuemon Ceramic Filter available on Amazon very soon. If you’d like notification about its availability on Amazon, please send Andrew an email at

For all enquiries pertaining to commercial entity wholesale orders, please contact Andrew Camp at for details and pricing for shipping options right to your door.

Information about the Kyuemon Ceramic Filter can be found online at and on Facebook under ‘Kyuemon Ceramic Filter N.A.’ or Please note that our website is still under construction but is available to browse. We’ll soon be on Instagram and Twitter as well!

The introduction of the Filter at Coffee Fest Anaheim was an overwhelming success. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their interest in, and their orders of, The Pinnacle of Pour Over Evolution.

About the Ceramic Filter: Kubota Minoru Ceramics Ltd. began producing their Ceramic Filter three decades ago in a region of southwestern Japan called Arita, a region with a 400 year history of delicate craftsmanship, world famous for its artisans specializing in both porcelain and ceramics. Sunbridge Innovative Products’ mission is to ensure that “one of Japan’s best-kept secrets” will finally be available for North American consumers.

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