Lotus Elixirs Adds Life To The Coffee Category

Lotus Elixirs – “The Ultimate Refreshment”

Lotus Elixirs launched at Expo West as the “Editor’s Pick” in March and has quickly found a national audience of consumers looking for a healthy alternative to caffeine-laden energy drinks, high-calorie sodas and coffee drinks by offering the unique functionality of “balance” from “adaptogenic botanicals” which allows the body to operate at it’s optimum level.

Lotus Elixirs CEO/Founder Scott Strader says, “The response to Lotus Elixirs has been fantastic. We started out in Southern California, focusing on the natural channel which quickly grew to hundreds of stores in select retail outlets to include: HEB, Walgreens, Clarks Nutrition, Akin’s and Chamberlins etc. National online sales through Amazonlaunchpad.com.”

Arthur Flores, CEO of LA Distribution says “Lotus fills a void in the market. Health channel consumers don’t want to compromise health for the sake of taste. Conversely, mainstream consumers want taste, refreshment with function, while gravitating toward healthier options. Lotus delivers on both counts.” Health Analyst, Janet Zappala of KMIR- NBC, referred to Lotus as a “guiltless pleasure.”

Retailers have also been very receptive to Lotus Elixirs’ unique natural function of rejuvenation, balance and stress relief from ‘adaptogenic botanicals.’ Lotus adds a new dimension with the ability to cross a variety of segments in the new age sets (energy drinks, functional waters, juices and coffee drinks) while being a natural, low calorie and better-for-you option.

Lotus Elixirs CEO/Founder Scott Strader says, “Coca Cola was originally sold in pharmacies as a botanical elixir offering effective functional refreshment that gave you a boost that you could really enjoy drinking. Our goal is to offer amazing taste and refreshment with superior function – ‘the ultimate refreshment.’ It is so satisfying to hear people make that ‘ahhhhhhh’ sound while drinking our thirst-quenching elixirs, that’s when we know we hit the mark!”

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