CORE600 Astoria Espresso Machines have NEW LINES

Think, design, innovate: this is the paradigm that is operative in the house of Astoria. In fact, the company is ready to launch into a market that is as global, dynamic and exhilarating as that of the coffee market, not just a new machine, but an entirely new line of products.

Core is the new class of Astoria machines that cleverly conjugates design, functionality and passion, in a unique and inimitable combination.

The first born of this line is Core600, a machine that distinguishes itself with its functional design, in which simple and modern lines merge into user-friendly interactivity, made possible by a number of innovative features.

Among these, Sensitive Touch Buttons (STB), the new retro-lit sensitive keypad of Core600, which, with the slightest touch, allows the bartender to easily select the coffee to be dispensed, avoiding loss of screen sensitivity due to wet fingers, coffee powder or impurities.

The cup warmer has been re-invented and has become a designer lamp, with led lights that can be customized where brightness and color are concerned, enhancing the three-dimensionality of the machine, returning it to being the focal center of the place and providing atmosphere to any ambiance.

Designed to enhance the refined shapes of Core600, the steel sides, satin-finished or varnished depending on the area in which it will be installed, provide a machine with the sturdiness needed to be knock, wear and corrosion resistant through time.

Inside Core600 beats the very heart of Astoria, a combination of tradition, technology and a veritable passion for espresso.

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