Michael Herklots’ Top 4 Cigar Pairings in Honor of National Espresso Day

People say coffee is a language in itself. Few things naturally pair together as well as a strong espresso coffee and a great cigar, whether it is after a meal, a long day or that mid-day pick-me-up. In honor of National Espresso Day on November 23, we’ve tapped Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development at Nat Sherman and an avid coffee drinker, to discuss the perfect cigars to pair with four popular espresso varieties.

Please see below for details on Michael’s cigar/espresso pairings. You can also find a Dropbox link to high-res imagery below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hfch3tnbxqo72fi/AADJSl7BtiEJqFKUUwODAzGsa?dl=0

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“Short and hot. I like mine ristretto (short) and without sugar. I recommend a Nat Sherman Timeless No. 5. It’s a small format with great flavor that remains cool, but it’s the perfect accompaniment.”

“If you have time for a Doppio (double espresso) pick up a Timeless Robusto which is a longer cigar than its sister cigar, the Nat Sherman Timeless No. 5. Double the coffee, double the smoke pleasure.”


“A Cortadito is a Cuban Espresso that is short and sweet. Counter the sweetness with a richer, older blend. The Nat Sherman Panamericana Secreto is a perfect match, adding notes of earth and leather.

“Enjoying a cigar with dessert is perfect. The Affogato combines the hot coffee with cold ice cream and after a meal, nothing beats a cigar. Pick up a Nat Sherman Timeless 749, a Churchill format. The Nicaraguan Puro shares the nuances of coffee and cocoa, like flavors in a long, cool and complex smoke.”
Michael Herklots, VP of Retail and Brand Development at Nat Sherman, shares additional tips to get the full espresso cigar experience – adding a little spirit in his espresso for an extra jolt:
“Inevitably, cigars last longer than the espresso. Personally, I like Pellegrino (or other sparking water) on the side. I’ll generally light the cigar first while waiting for the espresso. Then, I enjoy the espresso with the cigar and continue with the cigar once the espresso finishes, accompanied by the sparkling water. The latest espresso is Espresso Corretto, which is espresso served with liquor inside. Sambuca or Anisette is very typical. Rye or Bourbon is great as well, as are grappa and some rums. As for a cigar to pair…whatever you’re in the mood for!

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