The View: Making a Difference

It was close. 

Our making a difference issue this year featured 17 charitable projects affecting the coffee industry supporting such issues as:

• Children’s Literacy

• Climate Monitoring

• Youth

• Human Trafficking

• Creating Economic Opportunity for Women

• Cervical and Breast Cancer Prevention at Origin

• Cancer Support

• Food Sovereignty

• Migrant Pickers Medical Care

• Women, Water and Access to Credit

Each project featured a unique focus to contributing solutions to the complexity of coffee security.  Projects were clearly defined as to scope, impact and needed support. Without exception, every project deserves the support of our industry. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the amazing work being done, take a moment and explore the projects at and help change the lives of the many hands that impact the production of our coffee by getting involved. You make the difference!

The top three projects were:

• Daterra Coffee: The Bean Academy

• Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea and Cancer Support Community Central Ohio Grounds for Hope™: Raising Funds for Cancer Support Community

• World Vision: Women, Water and Access to Credit

And congratulations and our $1,000 donation goes to:

World Vision: Women, Water and Access to Credit

NGOs travel to Honduras, September 5th to survey needs and organize collaboration to offer clean water, education and access to credit for women to open small businesses.

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