Favourite International and SOZO Beverages enter distribution agreement for SOZO Gourmet Iced Teas and

Favourite International (a member of Favourite Holdings) have been in the business for Wines and Spirits for over 20 years and recently ventured into distribution of specialty Imported Beverages and Food products have tied up with SOZO Beverages as their Marketing and Distribution Partners for SOZO – Gourmet Iced Tea and Tonics island wide. The distribution agreement between Favourite International and SOZO Iced Tea and Beverages was signed on 13 September at Colombo Club, Taj Samudra. The agreement was signed by Favourite International Director Suren Mirchandani and SOZO Beverages Partner Gianee De Silva.

‘SOZO was born with the dream of creating the freshest beverages that use real ingredients made with ‘home-made’ passion,’ said Co-Founder Dushyantha De Silva – MD of SOZO Beverages. He continued to mention, ‘We identify Favourite as a company that carries and promotes specialty products and strictly those that you believe in. Seeing the success of other brands of Favourite International, specially Bickford and Sons (from Australia) at the supermarket level, we are confident that Favourite International would be able to roll out SOZO products to modern trade platforms with similar or even greater success.’

Gianee De Silva – Partner, SOZO Beverages said, ‘SOZO Beverages USP is that they are made from natural ingredients with no harmful preservatives. The sugar content is very low in comparison to other products and brewed using full leaf Ceylon Tea. She further mentioned that, ‘The product is 100% bio-degradable and packed in glass bottles for much freshness with a one year shelf life. Rather than working with a more diversified distributor who are in several food categories, we felt that the focus that Favourites has on Beverages will help to drive our product further and faster in to the consumer’s hands.’

Favourite International distributes to island wide supermarkets/convenience stores and HORECA (Hospitality Industry). With years of experience and its huge cliental, Favourite International will use leverage to promote SOZO amongst their customers.

Favourite International Director Suren Mirchandani said, ‘We believe SOZO and Favourite are like-minded on that forte and therefore we see a lot of synergy working together. We feel that SOZO can cross promote and be cross promoted with the other beverage products that we sell.’

Favourite International today imports and distributes quality products from Australia and France such as Bickford’s Beverages and Granini Juices. It also is involved in the distribution of high quality coffee, imported water, cheese, cold meats and Cigars to its customers through their distribution and mobile app sales.

Grape Expectations Ltd. which is a sister company of Favourite International will shortly open its new wine shop in Park Street, Colombo 02 together with Park Street Gourmet which will be the flagship shop of Grape Expectations where the best quality specialty food will be available.

Favourite International today sells all its products online through Zipsip and Wine.lk beside their distribution network.

Both companies are proud and happy to be partners in this new venture.

Source: (Daily Financial Times)

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