Kombucha Goes Hard

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kombrewcha, a first-mover in the alcoholic kombucha category, is back, with a new and improved 3.2% ABV version of their fizzy fermented tea. With each bottle coming in at under 110 calories and 9 grams of sugar, this organic, gluten free brew is aimed to be the healthier alternative to high-calorie cocktails, beer and wine.

KOMBUCHA GOES HARD Kombrewcha unveils 3.2% Hard Kombucha

While the naturally-occurring alcohol found in kombucha has been minimized by brands in the past, Kombrewcha decided to embrace the alcohol and position the brand as a recreational beverage, not a functional one. “We decided to up our alcohol content to really push ourselves into social occasions, while still keeping a low ABV. We are keenly aware that sessionable drinks are leading the way amongst health-conscious consumers and at 3.2% ABV, we are giving consumers a way to socialize without compromise,” says CEO Garrett Bredenkamp.

Named one of VOGUE’S “Most Interesting Food Trends of 2016,” the Brooklyn-based, lifestyle-centric brand, looks to change the perception of kombucha, making it more approachable. “We want to show the world the fun side of kombucha,” says Marketing Director, Kristina Marino. “For today’s consumer, living a healthy lifestyle is just as important as spending time with family and friends, but the beverage industry has yet to catch up. The options are limited when you want to grab a drink, but you don’t want to drink-drink. We designed Kombrewcha for those moments.”

Kombrewcha uses all natural ingredients – organic black tea, organic cane sugar, organic yeast, and a SCOBY, finished with organic fruit. It comes in four refreshing flavors – The OG (Original), Berry Hibiscus, Lemongrass Lime, and Royal Ginger – each unique in flavor profile, with real fruit notes. The new, eccentric, and colorful packaging is representative of the brand’s fun and cheeky persona. “We wanted our packaging to reflect not only who we are as a brand, but who we are as a product. We’re truly one of a kind and we wanted our packaging to reflect that,” says Marino.

Kombrewcha has joined forces with Whole Foods in both New York City and Miami as their key relaunch retail partner, available in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles. ($9.99, though prices may vary.) Kombrewcha is also rolling out on draft at select bars and restaurants, with the shared vision of creating an entirely new category of alcoholic beverages, Hard Kombucha. To find Kombrewcha near you, please visit www.kombrewcha.com or check out @kombrewcha on Instagram.


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