Caskai Launches Cascara Based Beverage Line

Caskai Launches Cascara-based Beverage Line
Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion Available in Select Markets Starting October 2017

SEATTLE — September 28, 2017– Caskai GmbH, an Austrian based producer of artisanal Cascara-based beverages, announces today its expansion to the U.S. The global brand, which got its start partnering with its sister company, Panama Varietals GmbH, importing and distributing Cascara (the dried husk of a coffee cherry), established its U.S headquarters, Caskai North America Inc., in Davidson, N.C., as well as a satellite office in Seattle, and rolled out its first product – Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion – this week.

“As consumer affinity for health and wellness continues to grow, we’re thrilled to provide craft beverage fans around the world with a distinct option that features one of nature’s most overlooked superfoods front and center,” says founder Joel Jelderks. “We believe in the power and story of Cascara and are pleased to share our passion and knowledge with the world.”

Catering to the rising demand by consumers for all-natural specialty beverages, Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion is supported by the attributes of Cascara, providing drinkers with a natural, balanced and refreshing alternative for 44 calories per bottle. The beverage’s ingredients are simple and naturally-derived: sun-dried, premium Cascara that is freshly brewed in spring water from the Austrian Alps, a touch of organic cane sugar, a shot of carbonation and citric acid. Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion is packaged in a 275mL premium glass bottle that is best enjoyed cold. Caskai’s Sparkling Cascara Infusion will soon be available in Davidson and Mooresville, North Carolina through Summit Coffee and Sky Mountain Coffee.

Realizing not all Cascara is the same, Caskai uses only premium, naturally sun-dried, high-altitude Cascara from arabica coffee produced in the highlands of Panama and Nicaragua. Cascara contains a full combination of beneficial nutrients that includes powerful anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Potassium, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), Carbohydrates, Fiber, Protein and a natural caffeine boost. Cascara has been used in small communities for more than 1,000 years, but it’s benefits have not been widely known.

Caskai aims to bring Cascara’s many benefits to consumers around the globe with the launch of its first beverage product and additional products, such as Cascara Tea that will soon be demoed for the first time at New York Coffee Festival in mid-October. Caskai’s Cascara Tea is premium Cascara that was personally selected by the founder for its sweetness, unique flavors, and nutritional characteristics for home or office preparation. Cascara Tea will be available in three flavors – Panama Geisha, Panama Caturra and Nicaragua Catuai – that play homage to each Cascara’s distinct coffee variety and sourced location. Cascara Tea only contains pure Cascara providing consumers with a full nutritional profile and an elusive drink experience of a coffee that drinks like a tea.

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About Caskai GmbH:
Founded by Joel Jelderks, a beverage industry pioneer recognized as one of Red Bull’s early employees in the 90’s and the driving force behind Cascara getting approved as a novel food in the EU, Caskai produces Cascara-based beverages using only premium sun-dried Cascara grown in the highlands of specialty coffee growing regions such as Vulcan, Panama and Ocotal, Nicaragua. Cascara, the dried husk of the coffee cherry, is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and provides a new beverage experience kept a secret from most of the world for the last 1,000 years. The young and innovative beverage company is launching its first product, Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion in Fall 2017, followed by upcoming product launches, including the Caskai Cascara Tea. Caskai has headquarters in Davidson, N.C., a West Coast regional office in Seattle and a global headquarter in Austria. For more information on Caskai, please visit:

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