2017 World AeroPress Championship is going to Seoul!

Ready, set, press! The world’s most light-hearted and inclusive coffee-making competition is coming to Seoul.

On November 9th 2017, coffee making champions from over 60 countries will converge in Seoul to battle for the questionably-glorious title of ‘2017 World AeroPress Champion’.

This most curious of events will take place at Cafe Alver (알베르), located in the so-hip-it-hurts neighbourhood of Gangnam, and the organisers are pulling out all the stops. Remember when you were young and the cool kids hosted the most awesome party in town but you missed out on it because you were afraid that you weren’t ‘hip’ enough? Well, that’s okay. You’re hip enough now, we promise.

But wait, the what..? Excellent question.

The World AeroPress Championship is a multi-round, elimination tournament of competitive coffee making. Three competitors per round have just a few minutes to brew a single cup of AeroPress coffee and present it to three judges. The judges taste each coffee and make an assessment as to which they think is the best. On the count of three, all judges simultaneously point to their chosen coffee. The winner progresses to the next round, while the losers are eliminated.

To make it to Korea, each champion has defeated many national counterparts from a global field of over 3,000 competitors from 60 countries. How is it done? By brewing a cup of AeroPress coffee so damned delicious it would make the Starbucks mermaid weep.

“Crying mermaids aside, the World AeroPress Championship has always been about bringing people together for a good time. That makes Seoul, and Gangnam in particular, the perfect place for our world final. We’re looking forward to having a beer with a few hundred of the city’s coffee lovers in November.” said Tim Williams, one of the organisers.

In addition to the action of the competition, we’ll have dazzling MCs, music from DJ Homework, some of Seoul’s best food trucks on the forecourt, and Magpie Brewing Co. on board to ensure the free beer flows all night. Early Bird tickets (AU$30) are on sale until October 23rd. General Admission tickets (AU$40) thereafter.

For more information and tickets, visit the World AeroPress Championship website at aero.press/2017.

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