AEROPRESS MOVIE Coming Soon: The Story of an Iconic Coffee Maker

AEROPRESS MOVIE is a short documentary produced by European Coffee Trip that reveals the story of the AeroPress—from its inventor’s workshop in California to the competition stages of AeroPress Championships around the world. It explores what makes people so excited about this odd looking yet iconic coffee maker.

“After 3 years of creating coffee videos and short films we have noticed that people are incredibly passionate about the AeroPress,” says Ales Pospisil, co-founder of European Coffee Trip. “One of our biggest dreams has been to create a coffee-related documentary. Now, we are in love with this story and we have decided to ask coffee lovers for help through our Kickstarter campaign,” continues Radek Nozicka, director of AEROPRESS MOVIE.

AEROPRESS MOVIE’s Kickstarter campaign launched on October 10th, 2017, and the filmmakers aim to release it in autumn of 2018.

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