Joffrey’s Coffee Partners with Café Femenino to Empower Women Coffee Farmers Around the Globe

TAMPA, FL. (October 11, 2017) – Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co. is proud to announce their partnership with Café Femenino, a coffee brand on a mission to enhance the lives of women in coffee producing communities across the globe, one sip at a time.
In many countries around the world, women have played a vital role in coffee production for decades, but many were not recognized or directly compensated for their work. In 2004, a group of 494 women from northern Peru decided to change this dynamic by separating their coffee production from the rest. In that moment, for the first time, this group of women created their own product and income. Their coffee cooperative CECANOR joined with a commercial partner Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO) to create Café Femenino – a gender-focused program to support social justice and empowerment for women coffee producers worldwide. Over the past thirteen years, The Café Femenino Program has given women farmers a voice by providing political and economic benefits all designed to empower women in the coffee producing industry.

At Joffrey’s, we are farmers at heart; traveling the world to find the best beans and leaves for every cup. “I’ve been roasting coffee for a long time; I’ve been to a lot of places and seen a lot of coffee growers, and what I see the women doing always impresses me,” said Chris deMezzo, Joffrey’s Head Roastmaster. “They’re organic, they’re fair trade, they’re farming the way farming is supposed to be.”

The Café Femenino Program includes a set of standards that ensure that women coffee producers are valued, supported, and paid premiums for their coffee. Women across the world have noted many positive cultural changes including recognition for their work at home and on the farm, increased family incomes, and increase in school attendance among girls in their communities.

In addition, the Café Femenino Foundation is a fundraising and granting branch of The Café Femenino Program. The Foundation funds important social projects that are identified and requested by the women who are a participating in the Café Femenino Program. The Café Femenino Foundation is another way to drive empowerment for women coffee farmers. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co. supports this movement by purchasing coffee beans from the farms of the Café Femenino coffee program. In addition, Joffrey’s also donates a portion of their proceeds to the Foundation thus supporting projects in areas of health, education and clean water within the coffee community.

Joffrey’s invites you to help support the Café Femenino mission by experiencing Café Femenino Sumatra, available October 12, 2017. This rich, bold, earthy dark roast with notes of sweet dark berries is organically grown in the mountains of Sumatra, and directly helps to support the 544 female members of Café Femenino who harvest the coffee and reside there. Café Femenino Sumatra is Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic. In the coming weeks, Joffrey’s will be launching additional coffees from participating regions from across the globe. Visit to purchase Café Femenino Sumatra online or try it at any of Joffrey’s coffee kiosks and locations at Walt Disney World®.

When you drink Joffrey’s Café Femenino grown coffee, you’re getting more than a delicious cup! You’re connecting to millions of women coffee farmers across the world and helping to enact positive social change. For more details on Joffrey’s partnership with Café Femenino, contact Giovanni Gutierrez, Marketing Director, at

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