Azomico, the coffee’s warehouse. It keeps the aromas thanks to the high pressure nitrogen

The dispenser with roasted coffee, usually shown inside coffee bars and roasting companies, is very beautiful, spectacular and catch people’s attention, but it has a very big lack: the coffee ages very quickly. With the oxygen contact it begins the oxidation process, this, in very short time leads to the aromas loss and in the end the coffee turns rancid. That’s a big loss, especially if you’re dealing with fine coffee like specialties.

How to protect coffee? XLVI Operai Del Vapore has developed a simple but revolutionary idea
Which ensures the maximum visibility and the preservation of roasted coffee beans in the best conditions: this is called “Azomico”, the coffee warehouse that “azotize” and preserve the aromas in long terms.

It is composed by one or more glass silos linked to a food nitrogen tank: we pour the coffee into the silos and open the tap of the nitrogen that invades coffee beans. In about 3 seconds we are able to create the right atmosphere to keep the coffee in perfect conditions for a long time.
The nitrogen, in fact is an inert gas, it is free of taste this avoids the fading of the fats and the development of moulds and yeasts. When we roast beans, they release carbon dioxide and a part of its aromas. With the “Azomico” nitrogen can put under pressure (2 bars) preserving the aromas, that remains in the roasted coffee and it keeps roasted coffee beans in the best conditions for a very long time.

To take the coffee out of the silos we only have to open the silo’s valve: the beans go down into a container (250 and 500 grams) and from here you can take the desired quantity. At the end, to keep coffee fresh there is the hot sealing system, that seals the bags after the insertion of nitrogen using a specific valve.

A tailor-made system

“Azomico” is available in modules of 1, 2 and 4 silos; XLVI Operai Del Vapore can supply on demand also the spectacular iron framework to be hanged or put on a shelf: Cold led lights emphasize the silos that hardly go unnoticed.
Dimensions, silos numbers and finishing can be customized as one wish: Operai del Vapore are available for every customization.

It’s all about staging coffee without problems: “Azomico” thinks about protecting it.

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