Blackeye Roasting Co. Expands

Since the launch of Blackeye Roasting Co.’s nitro cold brew cans in 2015, demand has grown significantly year after year. In order to meet this growing demand and expand the product’s reach from regionally to nationally, a new 28,800 square foot facility is under construction in Saint Paul, Minn, scheduled to open next month.

The new facility will be capable of producing over 100,000 gallons of cold brew per month on single shift, resulting in 6 million cans per year. In addition to expanded capacity, this new facility will utilize technology that allows the product to be amongst the few shelf-stable nitro cold brews on market, that is also preservative free. The new cans will coincide with sleek new packaging and the launch of two new shelf-stable flavors will follow in the coming months. Additionally, the facility will be used to co-pack other local beverage companies.

“Being able to keep up with demand is exactly what we need to be able to take Blackeye to the national market” says Matt McGinn, 29, founder and owner. “This facility is a long time coming; as the demand for cold brew continues to expand nationwide, it will allow us to compete with some of the big names.”

Facts on Blackeye’s Nitro Cold Brew include:

11.5 fl ounces
Less than 15 calories, 0 sugar, 0 carbs
260 mg of caffeine
Preservative free, all natural, gluten free
Shake before drinking, serve chilled

Blackeye’s Nitro Cold Brew can be found regionally in the Midwest at retailers such as Holiday and SuperAmerica convenience stores as well as Lund’s and Byerly’s grocers. Hy-Vee will be the first national customer, starting later this month. Visit their website for additional information at

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