Australian company Cafetto to release world’s first biodegradable Nespresso compatible cleaning capsule

Australian company Cafetto will launch the world’s first eco-friendly capsule at the world’s biggest hospitality expo HOST in Milan, later this month.

“Our company produces products to optimise enjoyment of coffee.” Says Chris Short, Managing Director at Cafetto. He continues “When pressing a Nespresso machine’s brew button without a coffee capsule placed into the machine’s chamber, only water will run through the chamber and often omit a brown-coloured solution into your glass. This brown-coloured solution is the build-up of coffee oils left by coffee capsules. Eco Capsule Clean removes this residue, leaving clean water to run through the chamber to optimise flavour and machine performance.”

Eco Capsule Clean is a biodegradable Nespresso-compatible capsule containing Cafetto’s cleaning powder EVO – the world’s first espresso machine cleaning powder that is certified by an organic certification company.

“Now our customers can clean their Nespresso machines with an economically viable, environmentally sound and effective product.” Says Chris.
The Eco Capsule Clean will be available on the global market in November.

Cafetto offers a wide range of cleaning and sanitation solutions across espresso, coffee brewing and beverage dispensing equipment. Cafetto is an industry leader in effective organic and eco-friendly solutions, offering cleaning products to improve machine performance and ease cleaning processes. Through its extensive product portfolio and global network, Cafetto provides cleaning products to both the commercial and domestic international markets.

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