Take the #TIMTAMSLAMCHALLENGE with NEW Tim Tam Single Serve Packs

You no longer have to travel 10,000 miles for a pack of Tim Tams, the beloved Australian biscuit! Tim Tam has made its way to US shelves this year and the response couldn’t be better. An Aussie staple for more than 45 years, the chocolatey, crunchy, creamy treats are so much more than cookies, because technically they’re biscuits!

The Australian-born treat is helping to solve all of your biscuit needs with NEW single serve packs. Now, you can grab an individually wrapped single Tim Tam and head out the door chocolate free! The NEW Tim Tam single-serve packs made their official debut at The New York Coffee Festival and will be available in grocery stores nationwide. Grab a brand-new Tim Tam single serve and a coffee or hot chocolate and show us how you do the ultimate Tim Tam Slam.

Tim Tam is giving their fans an opportunity to partake in the #TIMTAMSLAMCHALLENGE and win prizes by having them post creative pics, videos, and boomerangs on their social channels for a chance to win free products. The contest kicks off on Friday 10/13 and runs for two weeks. Be sure to tag #timtam_us and #TIMTAMSLAMCHALLENGE.

Here’s how to participate in the #TIMTAMSLAMCHALLENGE:

• Pick Your Flavor: Grab your favorite flavor (Original, Classic Dark, Chewy Caramel, and Dark Mint) in our new single serve packs.
• Choose Your Drink: Choose between coffee or hot chocolate before attempting the SLAM.
• Do The Slam: Nip off two opposite corners, revealing the delicate wafer and chocolate coating inside. Using the Tim Tam as a straw, sip up some of the hot coffee or hot chocolate. Then, pop the cookie into your mouth and savor the slow, blissful destruction of the treat.
• Take A Selfie: Be sure to smile and share you Tim Tam Slam experience with all of your friends using the hashtag #TIMTAMSLAMCHALLENGE!

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