Primula Announces Launch of New Website

Boca Raton, FL – October 16, 2017- Primula, manufacturers of coffee, tea and hydration products, announced today the launch of its newly redesigned ecommerce website. The revamped website creates an experience that merges consumers with content that expands beyond a basic ecommerce website. The new content features inspirational recipes, articles and product groupings that will help connect each consumer to the Primula products that best suit them.

“We are excited to launch a new and improved ecommerce shopping experience for our consumers. We have combined state-of-the-art features with a sleek and sophisticated design that helps unify our consumers’ lifestyles with their gourmet beverage experiences,” said Joshua Melzer, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Epoca International. He continued, “Connecting our consumers to products that fit their lifestyle, as well as our new recipe section and brewing guides will inspire experimentation and new ways to prepare gourmet beverages in the comforts of their own homes.”

The new and improved website comes fully stacked with a line-up of advanced features:

Improved Design and User Experience
The new website’s uncluttered design and improved user experience is part of Primula’s mission to provide a clean ecommerce website that makes the online shopping experience enjoyable. The website also features recipes and brewing guides to help inspire new ways to prepare gourmet beverages at home, as well as lifestyle sections that match Primula products with specific lifestyles, such as fitness enthusiasts, parents, adventurers and more.

Simple Shopping
Primula’s new website allows for easy shopping, providing consumers with a way to quickly find the products they are looking for. The website features standard functionality that online shoppers have come to know and love, so users can sort, filter and browse by product type, as well as search for products, while shopping.

Primula Personalizer Hand Picks the Right Products for You
The Primula Personalizer is a way to find products that match specific personality types and lifestyles. The quick personalizer asks a few questions about the consumer, and then gives personalized product suggestions based on the personality type identified. Take the quiz and see which Primula products are best for you.

Craft Beverage Experience Shopping
The new website also features a section where consumers can view curated product selections that are constantly evolving. The product groupings are based on seasons and trends in an effort to connect consumers with the latest and greatest products, as well as seasonally appropriate products.

Point of Brew Blog
Visitors to the new site can also read about ways to take their product experience to the next level or find tricks to make the best gourmet beverages on the company’s new blog. Articles like how to grow your own herbal tea garden to the best tips for cold brew will be gracing the blog.

To celebrate the website launch, through the month of October, Primula customers will receive 20% off all orders. Sign up for the company’s email list and receive an additional 10% off your order.

About Primula

Primula products meet the growing consumer desire to transform at-home craft beverage preparation into experiences which allow them to better express their unique preferences. With a focus on innovation, each product is designed for function, fashion and value. Ideal for a variety of retail channels, a key factor in developing Primula’s lines are to meet the consumer’s need for gourmet beverages that support the entire creation process. Primula’s products provide extraordinary beverage experiences for all generations and lifestyles.

Media Contact:
Joshua Melzer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
(561) 353-3922

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