puly Capucino system: The wholesomeness of fresh milk and the certainty of a hygienic cleanness

PulyCAFF introduces a new integrated puly Capucino system wnich ensures cleanness and hygiene.

pulyCAFF has implemented an actual integrated system which first cleans and then ensures the hygiene of the treated parts. puly Capucino system Yellow – Cleaning System totally eliminates residues from inside the fresh milk circuit of the automatic cappuccino maker, safely and without waste, thanks to the practical doser unit.

Several tests have proven that at times some residues seep into and remain in the parts making up the dispenser: for this reason, it’s necessary to end the sanitising action making use of puly Capucino system Azzure – Hygienizing System. After this double cleaning action, the machine is ready to dispense emulsions with a greater quality of steam, shorter usage times and better micro-texture of the milk cream. We obtain perfect and tasty beverages, delicious to the palate and safe because dispensed by perfectly clean machines.

As with all pulyCAFF products are tested and certified for safe professional use.

The products come in a 1000 ml bottle with a practical dosage pump.


The wholesomeness of fresh milk

Milk consumption is traditionally associated with a healthy diet. In cafeterias, milk gets combined in numerous preparations, mainly in Australia, USA, Northern Europe, Germany and France.

With this in mind, an increasing number of manufacturers of super-automatic machines have chosen to offer fresh milk, preserved in specific refrigerated containers integrated or placed next to the machine, from which gets taken the liquid needed to finish the selected preparation.

To ensure the finished product’s hygiene and the best operation of automatic machines, the manufacturers set up cleaning cycles that get triggered after a pre-set number of dispensing cycles or depending on the length of time the machine has been on; care that increases when milk is involved.

Heat, in fact, tends to modify the milk’s structure when coming into direct contact with a heating surface, forming residues that are difficult to disintegrate, known as “milk stones”. These creates a fertile substrate that encourages unwanted micro-organisms to proliferate. To be eliminated, today, with at least a daily cleaning: double, certified and simple to use.

pulyCAFF cleaning products

The wide range of pulyCAFF products starts with pulyCAFF Plus, the first specific product for cleaning espresso machines every day (filters, portafilters and discharge valve). pulyMILK removes milk deposits from automatic cappuccino makers, steam wands and milk jugs, eliminating bacterial flora, and then there is the “green” line, created with even more refined and renewable ingredients, which include pulyGRIND, whose gluten-free, food starch-based crystals, free the grinders and the grinding chamber of stale and rancid coffee deposits; pulyGRIND Hopper, cleaner for hoppers and dosing units; pulyBAR Igienic, perfect for cleaning steel surfaces, work tops, coffee machine bodies, display cabinets, and pulyCAFF Green Power, the phosphate-free variant of pulyCAFF.

And finally, two professional accessories: the practical filter removing lever Lifty, which allows extraction of the filter from the portafilters easily; and the Blindy blind filter: inside it is a right-dose circle that allows dosing pulyCAFF in the correct quantity, rapidly and without waste.

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