dc pro XT Perfect temperature control

At Host17 Dalla Corte presents a timeless icon of espresso machines, now even more elegant, functional and highly performing: the new dc pro XT -temperature control.

Constant temperature is the primary requirement of any coffee maker, yet also the most difficult to achieve. Dalla Corte has always offered baristas the best performance: it was the first to develop multi-boiler technology with independent groups, in which the groups are independent of one another and of the boiler and which ensures a precise and constant extraction temperature.

In 2015, with the launch of the Mina espresso machine, Dalla Corte introduced the new, patented technology: DFR – Digital Flow Regulation, which electronically manages the flow of water, perfectly controlling the quantity delivered onto the coffee cake in every stage, as well as the total volume dispensed.

This revolutionary innovation is an integral part of the new dc pro XT, which offers superior temperature control using the data provided by the temperature probe and the electronic flow regulator. The former controls the exact water temperature, while the flow sensor measures water speed and volume at the group inlet. The unique and intelligent combination of this information allows the machine to instantly determine the exact amount of energy needed by each unit to quickly and precisely reach and maintain the set temperature, with unprecedented precision. Laboratory tests have in fact shown a maximum margin of error of just 0.2°C, a level of precision that no other machine on the market can rival.


Ergonomics, control, aesthetics

By constantly talking to baristas, Dalla Corte can respond to their needs not only in terms of temperature control, but also in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics.



The steam knobs on the dc pro XT have been replaced by two levers, which when raised release the steam and when lowered close the outlet.

The practical colour touch screen on the centre-front of the machine can be used to easily control the main functions, such as boiler temperature, doses and machine settings.

There are now three buttons on each group (single dose, double dose, continuous), above which there is a display indicating the water temperature, the amount of water delivered and the extraction duration, giving baristas total control of machine operation.
The dc pro XT can be connected to up to three dc one grinders or one dc two grinder using the Grinder Control System, the professional solution to ensure optimum coffee extraction: the system automatically monitors and updates the grinding process when the extraction parameters change.
The machine – designed by Swiss designer Thoms Liebe – has always been a symbol of elegance and functionality, and is available in Dynamic White, Total White, Dynamic Dark and Total Dark.

Green heart

The multi-boiler technology with independent groups ensures considerable energy savings: Dalla Corte has always recognised the importance of limiting energy consumption, and indeed was the first to obtain energy certification, benefiting both the environment and the bar’s operating costs.

Dalla Corte was the first manufacturer of professional espresso machines to develop lead-free products. As a result, the parts of the machine in contact with water do not release any substances that are harmful to human health or affect final product quality.
With the dc pro XT, Dalla Corte has created an espresso machine that responds to the four fundamental requirements of baristas: reliability, safety, ethics and unique performance, for perfect extraction. Make it better.


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