Munson Machinery Launches New Website

Munson Machinery Company’s new 200-page website,, details the company’s mixing/blending, size reduction and liquid/solid separation equipment utilized across all industries in which bulk solid materials, pastes and solids-laden slurries are processed.

A mixing and blending section details Rotary Batch Mixers, Ribbon/Paddle/Plow Blenders, Fluidized Bed Mixers, Vee-Cone Blenders, Rotary Continuous Mixers and Variable Intensity Blenders. Size reduction machinery covered includes Screen Classifying Cutters, Rotary Knife Cutters, Pin Mills, Attrition Mills, Lump Breakers, Hammer Mills and Shredders. A separate liquid/solid separation section describes Rotary Drum Screeners. Each of 16 equipment sections includes separate overview, features, options and specifications pages.

Selection chart downloads compare seven types of the company’s mixing/blending equipment, and six types of size reduction equipment offered according to 14 material characteristics and 10 equipment requirements.

A technical library of 58 case study articles published in 400 trade journals is cross referenced by 11 industries and 180 bulk materials handled.

For information contact Munson Machinery Company, Inc., 800-944-6644,,

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