ALCHIMEX – High-Quality Vacuum Coffee Machine – an Innovative System for Alternative Coffee Brewing

Prague, Czech Republic – October 17, 2017

Heavy Tamper Company, the longtime maker of tampers and coffee machine accessories, is launching an innovative product for alternative coffee brewing.

The new method using high vacuum has been developed and tested for more than 3 years and is protected by the utility model of the Czech Industrial Property Office.

An extraordinary taste experience of this coffee is achieved by extra strong extraction (-1 bar) of all coffee compounds, including those that cannot be extracted under normal atmospheric conditions. Moreover, in the system of high-quality vacuum extraction the negative effects of air exposure are reduced (no oxidation), so the coffee preserves its full flavor and aroma.

Coffee community – baristas, café owners, coffee merchants and retailers – welcome the arrival of this new coffee machine that is regarded as another option to existing coffee brewing methods such as vacuum filter, vacuum pot or cold brew.

A crowdfunding campaign supporting the production of the Alchimex coffee machine will be launched within several weeks at The retail price of Alchimex is $1779, the Indiegogo price will start at $1150.

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