High Quality Tea Strainer that is Ideal for Loose Tea is Now Available from Lakaye Home Products

Marie Thelisma, founder of Lakaye Home Products, is pleased to announce the launch of a new loose tea strainer that is now available on her company’s Amazon page.

As Thelisma noted, she was inspired to create her new online store by her love of tea. The self-described “avid tea drinker” began drinking green tea in the morning to reduce the coffee jitters.

“I work in the corporate world and in the land of coffee shops around each corner. I found that by the afternoon my nerves were fried. Drinking tea has really helped reduce my stress levels and help me cope with a busy day,” she said.

Thelisma named her new online store “Lakaye” after the Creole word meaning “Home.” Her hope is that people will be able to find the classic and simple products they need on her site that will allow them to simplify their lives.

As Thelisma noted, the tea strainer that she is selling on her Amazon page is made of stainless steel, and is an ideal tea infuser for loose tea. Each order includes two fine mesh tea strainers that will allow people to steep tea in a mug or teapot.

In addition to being easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the tea strainer is designed to last for a lifetime. Thelisma has been using the same type of tea strainer for 10 years without any issues.

“It’s simple, and it works,” she noted.

The tea strainer works with any type of loose tea, including black, green and herbal tea blends, as well as slimming tea and other varieties.

To celebrate the launch of the new tea strainer, Thelisma is offering her valued customers a discount of 20% on the Amazon page. In addition, as it notes on her company’s new Facebook page, people may visit the Lakaye website to enter a giveaway for a beautiful Cuisinart Kettle.

As Thelisma noted, she is proud to help people relax and enjoy life, one delicious pot of tea at a time.

“I’m trying to ‘simplify life’ by offering beautiful, easy and simple products,” she said.

About Lakaye Home Products:

Lakaye Home Products was founded by Marie Thelisma, a self-described avid tea drinker. The website features items that Marie uses herself and loves, including a top quality tea strainer. For more information, please visit http://lakayehomeproducts.com/.


SOURCE: Lakaye Home Products

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