Brewista’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee dispenser takes first place at Portland Coffee Fest

PORTLAND, Or. (October 15, 2017) – Brewista continues to innovate with their latest product, the Cold Pro Nitro. Capitalizing on the steadily growing popularity of nitrogenized cold brew coffee, Brewista offers a lower cost option that requires no external nitrogen tanks or specialized kegs.

“The Cold Pro Nitro uses atmospheric nitrogen, meaning that it pulls nitrogen out of the surrounding air,” said Brian Gross, Brewista, Inc. President. “Most of what you are breathing right now is nitrogen. This device takes that nitrogen and injects it into the cold brew as it is dispensed.”

Not only does the unit generate nitrogen from the surrounding air, but it also has both an internal chiller and a pump. The unit can pull cold brew coffee from virtually any container and chill it on demand. Manufactured in Germany, the Nitro features adjustable temperature and adjustable gas level so users can dial in the cascading effect of nitrogen in their cold brew.

With a small footprint of only 22” deep x 7” wide, the Cold Pro Nitro is a fantastic solution for any shop where counter space is a premium. For those shops that can’t decide whether or not this is the right choice, Brewista offers a “Try it before you buy it” program ( This allows shops to use it on site for a $100 fee that covers outbound and return shipping. If the shop decides to purchase a Cold Pro Nitro, that fee is deducted from the purchase price.

Currently available online at, each unit includes an original Brewista Cold Pro Complete system with 20 gusseted paper filters.

About Brewista, Inc.
Formed in 2014, Brewista is a Wyoming-based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes products for the specialty coffee and tea industries. The company provides tools that allow professionals and home-use consumers to make the best brewed beverages possible. Brewista’s team consists of engineers, designers, coffee and tea aficionados, roasters and brewers with decades of combined experience in the brewed beverage industry. Cultivating the decades of experience their employees and associates bring to the table, the Brewista team combines the highest level of technology with the craftsmanship and know-how of award-winning brewers and roasters from around the world. For more information, visit

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