Dried Ingredients Reps Khoisan Tea in North America Staff Report

[wpg width=”300″ height=”151″ align=”right”]Dried Ingredients, LLC, in Miami, Florida, established in 2011 and a subsidiary of Westphal Dried Ingredients, GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, founded in 1796 now offers Rooibos tea and Honeybush tea exclusively supplied from producer and exporter Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa. Armin Dilles, president of Dried Ingredients, said his company was sourcing high quality dried product from the region and found Khoisan Tea’s reputation and product range to meet their company’s high standards for the North American market.
“We are adding new products to our existing range and will be importing Khoisan Tea’s organic and conventional Rooibos teas, Honeybush teas, various herbal tea blends, organic Bourbon vanilla and dried citrus fruits exclusively yet this year. We will receive containers at our Miami warehouse beginning in November and we will be able to supply to all regions of the US and Canada with bulk, loose products,” Mr. Dilles stated.
Dried Ingredients, LLC supplies the industry with different kind of teas (Black, Green, White, Oolong) but also with many different ingredients such as Hibiscus, Rosehips, Chamomile, Cornflower Petals, Apples, Marigolds, Safflowers, Ginger, etc. from over 88 different countries worldwide. Many tea companies want to blend their own teas but do not need complete containers of the products. Some containers have to be shipped to Germany first for inspection, cleaning, cutting, sifting, blending and then come to North America. Now that Rooibos, Honeybush and other ingredients from Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd are included in our portfolio, customers can order even more products from one source, making shipping less expensive, deliveries faster, and dealing with one supplier providing all certifications for Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance, a lot easier. “With over 200 different ingredients in our portfolio, we can supply almost every one as long as Mother Nature can provide it to us”, said Mr. Dilles.
Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd has been exporting Rooibos tea, Honeybush tea and organic Bourbon vanilla products worldwide since 1997. Khoisan Tea is well known in Europe, principally by large tea packers and tea blenders, and is set to become a household name in the USA and Canada in the coming years. The company has experienced consistent growth since it was established, and it maintains a large organic-certified Rooibos tea farm and two large warehouses to provide stock through periods with low crop tea production to ensure a consistent supply. Khoisan Tea further manages a large organic Bourbon vanilla plantation in Madagascar producing 30 tons annually and exports organic certified vanilla pods, pieces, powder and extract globally from its Cape Town head office.
“Annual Rooibos Tea capacity is 4,000 tons. We oversee everything from planting of seedlings to harvesting, cutting, fermenting, sterilising and packing of various Rooibos tea products,” according to Dr. Tobias Gress, General Manager at Khoisan Tea in Cape Town. “Rooibos is sifted with state-of-the-art machines, steam treated [sterilized] and packed according to customers’ requests or demands. Khoisan Tea has its own production facility, to include sterilization, about 150 miles north of Cape Town, where Rooibos tea grows. We plant and ferment our own Rooibos (or leave it unfermented to produce green Rooibos) and we buy additional crop from experienced Rooibos farmers in the region.”
Leading supplier
Khoisan Tea supplies wild-harvest Honeybush tea from South Africa’s famous Garden Route and offers dried citrus fruits, apples, and a few special products such as Black Mountain tea and Buchu leaves.
“We are a leading supplier in South Africa and an experienced exporter in the industry,” says Dr. Gress.
In terms of fair labor practices and ethical philosophy, Khoisan Tea works with small producer cooperatives and is Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified for its bulk, loose Rooibos teas. All products are fully HACCP compliant and all herbal teas are Kosher and Halaal certified. The company is 100% EU/USDA/NOP and JAS organic certified and Khoisan Tea was actually the first company in South Africa to use organic certified Rooibos seedlings. Additionally, Khoisan Tea does not genetically modify any of its products.
Focusing on its core strengths, Dried Ingredients LLC, believes adding Khoisan Tea products to its range will help boost their clients’ sales even more.
“The customer is always number one,” Mr. Dilles said. “Dried Ingredients is owned and managed by Germans who are very particular about their reliability, on-time delivery and providing the best quality available. We pride ourselves on maintaining sound, long-term business relationships with many reputable tea companies throughout the world, incidentally, Khoisan Tea is also German owned and managed.”
Dried Ingredients now supplies North America with Khoisan Tea products
Khoisan Tea has been exporting Rooibos, Honey bush and Bourbon vanilla worldwide since 1997
Annual export is about 1,000 tons of Rooibos and 30 tons of vanilla
Khoisan Tea was the first company in South Africa to use organic certified Rooibos seedlings

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