With Asachimici cleaning the espresso machine and grinder is easier every day

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New formats, an exclusive kit and useful handbooks for always well cleaned equipment, have attracted many operators at the pulyCAFF stand in occasion of the TriestEspresso expo.

Maximum efficacy and ease of use, in accordance with equipment and surfaces, are two key points in the production process of Asachimici, which is specialized in the manufacture of products for the cleaning of espresso machines and grinders.
In occasion of the TriestEspresso expo, the company presented its wide range of cleaning products for espresso machines and grinders, including some new products realized for increasingly simple, accurate and inexpensive use.
Like the 25 ml single dose pulyMILK: poured into 500 ml of cold water, it allows you to clean the steam spouts and cappuccino machines for the best. It is a new format designed for maximum ease of use, without waste or concerns about dosage; its use also allows the saving of 30% of plastic compared to a bottle with the same content.
The 25 ml single dose pulyMilk is available in two different and functional packages: an exclusive kit that contains 14 doses of pulyMILK and a practice tray of the capacity of 1.2 liters, graduated to 500 ml (water + 1 bag of pulyMILK) to clean the steam nozzle and to 1 liter for the next flushing phase: a very useful gift to our visitors. For those who want to acquire a “monthly supply” of this product, Asachimici has also prepared a package with 30 single doses.
It is also available the full range of posters explaining why we should clean the different parts of the machine, and illustrating the main steps in an effective manner, with easy to understand drawings: there are four of them, respectively dedicated to brewing unit, filters and filter holders with pulyCAFF; steam spout with pulyMILK; grinders with pulyGRIND; hopper and dispenser with PULY Barsteryl. Available in multiple languages, they have already made their way into many schools, businesses and even individual facilities. A smaller version of the poster dedicated to the steam spout is located inside the new packaging of the pulyMILK.
Finally, puly Barsteryl is a specific cleaner for the hopper and dispenser of the coffee grinder, which require periodic cleaning, so as to prevent fat deposits from accumulating and becoming rancid, giving the coffee powder an unpleasant flavor.

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