S1 Armonia the professional solution for those who require high quality in the cup even with low coffee consumption

[wpg width=”300″ height=”260″ align=”right”]For baristas  and restaurant operators who want to keep  a high quality in the cup but who have to cope with limited coffee consumption, La Spaziale has designed a dedicated coffee machine which allows to satisfy the needs of this specific market segment: the new S1 Armonia.
This machine has already been appreciated by Italian and foreign roasters who supply  the  S1 Armonia to those outlets which want to deliver  an optimal espresso although the quantity  of daily coffee deliveries is limited.
Small and flexible, it enables to use both coffee powder, pods and capsules. It is a very compact 2 group coffee machine, whose weight is 30 kg., which does not need water connection, and, as for installation, it  simply needs to be plugged in .
In spite of this easiness and flexibility, S1 Armonia is a fully  professional  espresso coffee machine; let see its main features: it does have 2 professional delivery groups and 2 vibrating pumps (one for each group), it also has 3 boilers -one  for milk and cappuccino, the other two dedicated to espresso delivery for each group with independent  temperature regulation.
Technical features:

  • 2 group coffee machine available in the semiautomatic and automatic version
  • Coffee delivery with powder, pods, capsules  according to the required setting
  • Independent temperature regulation for each delivery group by means of thermostat
  • Electronic boiler temperature control for steam delivery
  • Built-in safety thermostats
  • Warning for lack of water in the tank
  • Built-in vibrating pump for each  delivery group
  • Boiler heating deactivating function (Energy saving)
  • Alarms and malfunctions control
  • 0,45 liter boiler for coffee delivery for each  delivery group
  • 1,2 liter boiler for steam delivery
  • 3 liter inner tank with built-in water softener
  • Cup tray lighting
  • 1 steam wand
  • Power feeding: 230V – 50/60Hz
  • Power absorption : 1200W boiler heating / 800+800Watt  delivery groups
  • Colors: red, silver and black

In Trieste La Spaziale also presented a special solution for portioned coffee delivery  which can be applied to all La Spaziale coffee machines: all the coffee machines in the range, in fact,  can  be prearranged to deliver espresso with pods or capsules.
With the simple replacement of the portafilter and of the shower head block, any La Spaziale can deliver coffee with pods and capsules, allowing baristas and roasters an utmost  flexibility of use.
La Spaziale has focused its attention to single portioned coffee market for several years, recording the constant growth and strong attraction that this market is encountering, even for outdoor consumption.
The more recent data have proved that  the production value of single portioned coffee, including import, has increased of 20,3% in 2011, and the exports have increased even more rapidly (+31,4%) confirming around 243,0 Mn euro.The distribution channels more involved in this process are public outlets;  within  the general growth, outdoor and OCS (office coffee service) channels are also recorded. (data source Competitive Data company – Milan).
La Spaziale Spa  has been producing professional espresso coffee machines since 1969:  founded in Bologna by Adriano Cacciari, nowadays it is still successfully run by his daughter Franca Cacciari and by her husband Maurizio Maccagnani, who has developed  for over 30 years the business and commercial strategies of the company.
After 40 years of business activity, the company is still growing, always believing  in the values which have made it a key-reference for baristas all over the world: granting a high quality and constant result in the cup for Italian Espresso through  a reliable and  technology advanced coffee machine.
The top quality standard  represented by La Spaziale is mostly evident   in the production process: all machines are produced in Bologna and  all components are  100% made in Italy.  Every coffee machine before being  available on the market for the final  customers is subject to a  careful and strict quality control process and is fully  tested  to grant   a perfect efficiency on the bar counter.
Today with 3 venues  in Italy, three abroad  (USA, Brazil, Romania) and over 100 distributors in the world,  La Spaziale brings  to each  coffee bar the true passion for  the Quality Italian Espresso Coffee.

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