Tablì System

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The first coffee tablet which is totally ecological. The new taste- and the environment-friendly way of portioned coffee.

Ease of use, excellent quality in the cup, and no product waste, are three driving forces behind the lively market of pre-measured coffee, which every year offers attractive sales increases and that, to date, is available in two large families: the coffee pods (the coffee dose is enclosed between two layers of filter paper) and the capsules, with a plastic or aluminum wrap; all intended for disposal as unsorted waste.
On average there are 7 grams of ground coffee in a coffee pod, 5 in a capsule …an insignificant thing, you may think.
But last year the Research Center Rifiuti Zero of Capannori (about 46 thousand inhabitants) has estimated the quantity of the city’s unsorted municipal waste arising from non-recyclable coffee capsules: 750 thousand a year, 9 tons. The study has also revealed that to produce a kilogram of capsules requires 4 liters of water, 2 kilos of oil and 22 kW of electricity.
In a city that wants to achieve the goal of “zero waste” by 2020 is quickly started the search for compostable pre-measured coffee.
Meanwhile, the pool of researchers and experts in the world of coffee of Caffemotive experimented with new ways to get zero environmental impact single portions.
The result of complex studies, tests and experiments is Tablì Compresse Espresso, single portions of coffee powder compacted with an innovative and completely natural process: really disposable …in the wet fraction (with an excellent result in the cup).
’’Tablì is the answer to the demand for zero environmental impact from the growing number of people who are sensitive to environmental issues and from the many cities like Capannori all over the world, but also to a more and more eco-friendly dominant trend. The recent “Survey on eco-sustainable behaviors of Italians” by Enterprise Foundation has, in fact, revealed that 86.3% of the population take in their daily lives at least 6 green habits: after the use of energy saving light bulbs and the decrease of waste water, third is separate collection (90.7%, +15.7% compared to the previous survey).
We’re going to know more about Coffee Tablì Compresse Espresso, the real tasteful eco-revolution in the world of pre-measured coffee. This project was born thanks to the collaboration of a group of companies: Imat, Puro Aroma, Kompasso.

A green idea
Only coffee powder, naturally compact
The genesis of Tablì Compresse Espresso, the first totally ecological coffee pod.
Environmental sustainability has become a central theme of life and daily production. The goods we buy and use every day have in fact an impact on the environment, from the materials used to produce them, to the waste they create and the costs borne for their recovery: reducing them to a minimum is crucial for the environment we live in and the entire planet.
Take coffee, for example: in 2010 the global consumption of portioned coffee in Italy was estimated at 3.5 billion doses, equivalent to an imposing mass of about 42 thousand tons of product in pod or capsule, both non-recyclable.
And in Switzerland, there are 2400 collection points for used capsules: what kind of commitment does that require and how much does recycling them cost? What is the expenditure in terms of energy?
And again, how much raw material requires the production of pods and capsules? What is the cost of their production? And that for the whole community and the environment of non-recycling them in Italy and most of the world?
Prompted by this undoubtedly disturbing scenario for those who love the environment, three years ago the experts at Caffemotive of Trieste, a unique coffee Industrial district specialized in the research and development of new technologies for the world of coffee, have set a goal to find the way to environmentally friendly production and recovery of portioned coffee.
The classic casings made of plastic, aluminum and paper do not allow the transfer of the spent product in the wet fraction destined for composting.
It was necessary to think of a new way of production, with characteristics able to guarantee the minimum expenditure of energy and raw material together with the coffee, excellent extraction and no disposal problems.’  Thus, by removing materials and energy, the coffee powder is  “stripped” of any protection and containment: how to make it practical, handy?
We could achieve this goal thanks to an innovative compaction technology, which gave shape and substance to the ground powder, without altering the result in the cup and to the taste.
The first totally ecological coffee pod is Tablì: no additives, no polluting “clothes” and in many different versions by composition and use.
As simple as it is ingenious and valuable, due to its high “green” content.
It is really the “clean” idea the world of coffee needed!

Face to face with Tablì
Pure Pleasure
for all the senses
The visual, tactile and olfactory experience precedes the one of the taste: an enjoyable and exciting journey, 100% natural.
Coffee is a living product, charming and gentle. ’It is difficult to resist the “call of the aroma” when you pass by a bar-roaster giving out the fragrance that beans emanates during roasting. And it is a pleasure to smell it when you open a package of coffee powder to make coffee: it makes you want to sink your hands into it, to live it more fully.
Pleasure and amazement multiply in front of a dose of Tablì Compresse Espresso: an experience that involves all the senses, which is free from coatings and barriers, to be “lived” in full.
It is a pleasure to watch its perfect and smooth shape, the result of a new compaction technology, environmentally friendly and free of waste pollutants.
It is a pleasure to touch its surface and pick it up: it looks strong, compact and at the same time slightly crumbly; fingers are covered by some grains of coffee powder.
It is a pleasure to smell its intense and full aroma, which is a prelude to the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee with a perfect flavor with any type of mix and extraction.
And it is a pleasure to know that you are using a natural product, 100% coffee powder, and sustainable, a fruit of the earth that will return to it through the process of composting, turned into compost, a valuable natural fertilizer for fields and gardens.
Convenience is one of its additional strong points. ’Used in home coffe pots Tablì simply goes into the filter: a fast and precise operation, which is not exposed to the risk of dispersing and wasting coffee powder. Cleaning is also easier than using the simple coffee powder.
Again easy and “clean” for both OCS (Office Coffee Service) and domestic use, where the portioned-machine has a growing success: finally without any doubts or disposal problems.
With Tablì the result in the cup is always a quality product.

In practice
The advantages of Tablì Compresse Espresso
Tablì is green
The pod, 100% composed of ground coffee, is eco-compatible, using an innovative compaction process.
Tablì is eco-friendly
It is free of single-dose containers made of paper, plastic or aluminum, so you can allocate the wet fraction to be completely transformed into compost, without polluting.
Tablì is no waste of product
The coffee pod is perfectly premeasured and ready for use and does not expose the user to the risk of loss of product or overdoses during handling.
Tablì is ease of use
Stop filling the filter and making the work area dirty: the right dose is immediately available, ready to use in all practicality.
Tablì is a pleasure for the senses
Compact and without containers, the tablet offers a barrier-free and overall experience, from smell to touch, from sight to taste.
Tablì is goodness in a cup
Dose and particle size depend on different uses, ensuring perfect extraction in any situation.

Technology and passion for espresso
the coffee technology innovation platform
Tradition and innovation, technology and continue research characterize a young company, but rich in experience and with many plans for the future.
Research & development and the application of new technologies to the world of espresso are the lines on which the activity of Caffemotive develops inside the Trieste Coffee Cluster, the only industrial district in the world specialized in coffee.
Born in 2008 from the need to offer a range of products for espresso related to the Italian tradition to specialized users but not only, thanks to the many skills of its members, it provides articulated advice throughout the chain production of coffee: management of the raw material, maintenance of equipment, training and advice to staff, training of the customer.
Inspired by an eclectic spirit, it is constantly exploring new frontiers in innovation, and it has to his credit the implementation of  high-tech projects and proprietary devices patents: a research which continues and promises interesting developments.
“Caffemotive wants to create within the vast coffee panorama, a new cultural platform to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts of coffee, so that they can satisfy all the curiosity and find answers to questions related to the espresso ritual”: thus expresses the company’s mission Massimo Chenda, Managing Director of the Company with decades of experience in the field of espresso machines.
The continuous research in the field of design and technology, new materials with low environmental impact, and energy-efficient systems, together with the desire to create something beautiful, functional and reliable, allow Caffemotive to successfully address the dynamics of the third millennium and accept new challenges, following the ambitious goal of becoming a reference point in the coffee industry worldwide.

The communication
From a nest of leaves was born Tablì,
nature to touch
Green and brown, colors from nature, accompany the visual communication of the pure, sustainable, green coffee pod.
Sesamo Comunicazione Visiva, integrated visual communications company, has created the corporate image of Tablì.
The naming originates from the English “tablet”, customized with the “ì” at the end to make it a proper name with an international cut, cute and easy to remember; it is characterized (as all communication) by green and brown colors, which recall nature, therefore the sustainability and eco-friendly vocation that characterizes the product.
The logo has the shape of the pod seen frontally, to which is added the element of the leaf, which recalls the green nature of the product, therefore, the direct link between the product and the coffee plant.
The processed image for the communication originates from the concepts of purity and sustainability typical of Tablì, which is at first hidden, enclosed within a “shell” of coffee leaves which, picture after picture, open up and reveal the pod inside them: a process analogous to the birth and flowering of the fruit.
The pod is represented with extreme realism, with its material consistency and placed inside the leaves, as if it was the fruit of the coffee plant; like each fruit, therefore, not only can it be enjoyed, but also observed, touched, smelled.
The white background emphasizes the strength of the simplicity of the product – therefore its communication – its being totally sustainable, and at the same time a choice in line with the trends of contemporary graphics, which favor a fresh, young and emotional cut.
It is therefore left behind the traditional image that links coffee to the sphere of a sensuality almost forbidden: in Tablì there is nothing dark or forbidden; only the beautiful, the good, the taste of a pure, unadulterated, natural product.

The market
Portioned coffee, a growing
The single-dose Italian coffee outlines a competitive scenario in evolution.
Ease of use, no waste, variety of flavors and beverages and a good quality product in the cup are the main reasons for the great success that pods and capsules collect especially among families and OCS (Office Coffee Service).
Some reports by Competitive Data witness the production of single-dose coffee in 2011 (including the import of special pods of foreign operators) amounted to 800 million euros (+ 20.3% in value over the previous year) equivalent to 30.200 tons, over 30% of which is exported. A market more than tripled compared to the 225.5 million euros observed in 2006 by Databank.
The market continues to maintain an excellent attractiveness, an increase of 16% in value in 2011, caused by the strong performance of closed systems and special pods in general, which grow by 29.7% in value.
The industry is going through a very important evolutionary phase that is rapidly changing the competitive dynamics between companies and the rules of the industry; while the paper pods are more and more confined to the retail trade, the fap plastic caps, become an open standard, are going through a period of “commoditization”, with a significant growth of the clone of the historical Lavazza system.
As for the families, the most critical factor of success is the brand image; customer loyalty is also achieved through the launch of new products periodically, which act as a stimulus to the purchase, both in terms of mixes, and new machines featuring an innovative design and new features.

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