Diedrich Manufacturing Featured on “Made in the Northwest” Television Program

Sandpoint, ID, Nov 1, 2012 – Stephan Diedrich, President of Diedrich Manufacturing, was recently interviewed and featured in the television program “Made in the Northwest.” As the only manufacturer of coffee roasting equipment in the U.S., Diedrich builds high end roasters for customers worldwide.
The telecast starts with a panoramic shot of the Diedrich facility located in Sandpoint, ID.  Viewers are then taken on a brief tour through the manufacturing plant where they get a glimpse of Stephan’s 33 years of expertise when it comes to building coffee roasting systems.
“Made in the Northwest” showcases how processes such as engineering design, bending steel, welding, and electrical are all completed in-house at Diedrich. When it comes to monitoring quality throughout the production process, Stephan is very much “hands on” to ensure a superior product.
When asked about the complexity of roasting coffee, Stephan’s mastery comes through. “Green coffee has over 1850 chemical compounds and substances. In the roasting process you are manipulating over 1500 of those chemical species. How you manipulate the chemistries can dramatically alter the flavor of coffees,” he said.
Part of the secret to manipulating the chemical compounds is Diedrich’s unique energy efficient, infra-red burner systems. Coupled with heat-exchangers, they produce the clean, hot air that sets a Diedrich roaster apart from the competition and produces a better tasting cup of coffee.
The Diedrich team builds in-store and commercial roasters that range in capacity from 1 – kilo to 350 kilos. With the availability of an automated roast profiling system, roasting operators can edit and tweak the profile throughout the roasting process. When the optimum profile is reached, it can be saved so the roast can be replicated.
Not only does Diedrich build roasters at their Sandpoint facility, but Stephan teaches roasting classes. The classes give customers the skills to create their own unique flavors.
Diedrich produces high end roasters for those who truly appreciate the engineering and quality craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing a coffee roaster.
Stephan sums it up in his interview by stating, “We’re the Porsche and Mercedes Benz of coffee roasters worldwide.”
For more information on the only U.S. based manufacturer of coffee roasting equipment, view the telecast “Made in the Northwest: Diedrich Roasters” at:  http://youtu.be/rbP7_fyQ1jc
About Diedrich:
Diedrich Manufacturing is a leading national and international manufacturer of in-store and commercial coffee and nut roasting equipment. A three time award winner in the prolific coffee roasting industry, Diedrich is committed to Bridging the Art and Science of Coffee Roasting. For more information on Diedrich Manufacturing roasting equipment and services call 1-877-263-1276 or email info@diedrichroasters.com


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