Larry’s Beans Launches Cold Brew Concentrate

[wpg width=”300″ height=”225″ align=”right”]Raleigh-based coffee roaster, Larry’s Beans just released its new cold brew coffee concentrate in Harmony Farms, Tyler’s Bottle Shop, Wine 101, Heritage Market, Taylor’s Wine Shop and online at   The Cold Brew Concentrate is created by steeping grounds (from a blend developed specifically for cold-steeping) in cold water for 24 hours, a process that results in an extremely smooth, full-bodied, rich flavor.  The concentrate can be used to make not only iced coffee, but also hot coffee and cocktails. “It’s kind of like a mega-super-amazing way to make coffee quickly,” said Larry Larson, company CEO.
The cold brew blend was created by Larson and chief roaster Brad Brandhorst.   “The idea was to create a balance of smooth sweetness and rich complexity that would really sing when steeped for 24 hours.  We chose South American beans with full-bodied chocolaty notes, then added African coffees for berry-like highlights.”  said Brandhorst.
“I’ve always been an iced coffee fanatic,” explained Larson. “We’ve been making cold brew here for years. We’re excited to see a new wave of enthusiasm for cold brew among coffee geeks. Finally, we get to share this stuff.”
The 67% lower acid content that makes cold brewed coffee taste so smooth also makes it easier on the stomach, especially for people who are sensitive to coffee.  Like all Larry’s Beans coffee, the Cold Brew is 100% Organic, Shade Grown, Fair Trade and roasted in its “green-o-vated” roasting facility in 5 Points, Raleigh. 
About Larry’s Beans
Since 1994 the mission of Larry’s Beans has been to find the best coffees in the world and roast them with precision and artistry. The company is a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, the first and only group of independent coffee roasters that buys green beans directly from 100% Fair Trade coffee co-ops. Larry’s Bean’s “green-o-vated” facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize environment impact. Held four times a year, the companies Bean Plant Tours “sell out” within days. All coffee in the triangle area is delivered via an old-school bus converted to run on used vegetable oil. As well, Larry’s Beans hosts Raleigh’s only pump where people can fuel up with locally refined biodiesel.
Larry’s Beans roasts only organic, transitional organic, shade grown, fair trade coffees, taking care to cultivate relationships that benefit people, animals, and the environment. In 2010, Larry’s Beans was the recipient of The Raleigh Environmental Stewardship Award for triple-bottom line business. For more information, please visit  or

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