Save Time. Protect the Planet. Indulge your Chai Senses.

Chai season has arrived and Tipu’s™ Chai is the best way to spice up the holidays. Tipu’s authentic chai spice blend gives every cup of chai a wintery aroma. For busy baristas, Tipu’s Chai Now™ Sweet & Spicy dry product mixes easily with water for liquid concentrate and comes with a Tipu’s logo plastic container that saves on storage and shipping costs. “We believe in reducing our carbon footprint by not shipping water across the country,” says founder Bipin Patel. “Instead of shipping bottles of liquid concentrate that most often end up in landfills, we are only transporting a lightweight dry mix and reusable bottles. You add the water.” Deck your coffee shop this season with Tipu’s Chai and celebrate a healthier planet! For more information, visit

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