Coffee Shops Fortify Their Inventories with Coffee from Ritual Grounds Wholesale Coffee Roasting and Brace for the Onslaught of Energy-Seeking Holiday Shoppers

Coffee shops across the country are triple checking their game plans, gearing up their customer service, and stocking their shelves with reinforcements from Ritual Grounds Coffee Roasting as the years biggest shopping day -not just for traditional retailers- is only days away. Even the most intrepid shoppers need a pick me up, and as buying numbers increase year after year, coffee shops are enjoying a substantial chunk of the Black Friday pie.

San Diego, CA November 21, 2012- For some retailers, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 20–40% of annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation, giving due reason for the scramble to be well prepared when wallet-ready shoppers come out in troves this weekend.

NRF is projecting 2012 holiday sales to rise 4.1% from 2011, setting this year’s sales numbers to a sky-high $586.1 billion. It takes a lot of energy to spend $586.1 billion, and coffee houses are happily picking up the slack now more than ever. This Black Friday alone will bring 32 million who plan to dine out during their shopping day. That’s seven out of ten shoppers who plan to make a pit stop. Coffee houses offering food and snacks alongside a hot, fresh cup of shopping energy will be able to reach shoppers who are both hungry and tired.

Ritual Grounds’ customers are utilizing its roast to order program to ensure the customers they gain over the holiday shopping season stick through the rest of the year. They’re also getting their orders in ASAP. Ritual Grounds Wholesale Coffee Roasting is poised to meet the needs of whatever coffee orders they receive for the holidays, but the company has announced it will be closed Thanksgiving and Friday so that it’s employees can spend time with theirs family, rather than their employer. This means orders need to be in by noon this Wednesday.

This fresh cup of Ritual Grounds coffee will do more than just revive weary shoppers; it also advertises an increasingly popular gift idea in every sip. When the coffee is good, gift-minded shoppers are apt to adding a gift card to their receipt. In a survey just released this month by the National Retail Federation, over $28 billion will be spent on gift cards as 81% of all consumers make them a part of their holiday shopping list. 18% of those planned to buy them specifically at coffee shops. This marks a steady 2 percent increase in coffee house gift card sales every year for 3 years now.

The shoppers are coming, thirsty and ready to make even coffee houses a part of their gift list. Coffee house owners across the country are counting on Ritual Grounds Wholesale Coffee Roasting to come through for this them holiday season as buyers bring in profit for this month, and exposure for the whole 2013 year.

Coffee business owners can utilize Ritual Grounds Coffee fresh selection all holiday season and can place their order between now and Wednesday at noon to fortify their coffee inventory this weekend. More information on coffees and shipping can be found at

About the company:
Ritual Grounds Coffee Roasting is a San Diego-based micro-roaster of gourmet coffee, dedicated to sourcing coffee without compromise and unprecedented freshness with their roast-to-order program where coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting. Find all of their products at

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