10 Tips to Jumpstart your Café Series

Header_10TipsThere is more than making a good cup of joe to opening or remodeling your café.  You have a dream and I am sure you want to be a success!  These 10 Tips to Jumpstart your café are proven to make you succeed.
Over the next year, we will provide you a Tip a Month to help you be a success in opening or remodeling your café.  Understanding what you do not know and learning all the tips for success are key in starting or remodeling your café.
As the saying goes…”You don’t know what you don’t know”.  Based on case studies, client feedback, and observations of what works and what doesn’t, we have created succinct and sound 10 Tips to Jumpstart your Café – a Workbook to Café Success.  The 1st 7 tips are to have strategized and completed with your team before you find a location and sign a lease.   The last three tips are ready to go by your team. Therefore, the day you sign the lease you are all set to move forward.  With these tips, you will save time and money.
After reading all 10 Tips, you will be ready to jumpstart your Café brand, design, and build-out with confidence.
If you think you can open a café without these tips – think again!
Opening a café takes a plan, diligence, hard work, and many times surrounding yourself with experts that know the pitfalls to avoid – before you sign a lease, commit to a space, and open.  Firms that have a holistic approach with in-house branding, design, permitting, and construction will guide you in the areas you do not have time or knowledge in.
Set your ego to the side – I know all of you can probably do the whole project yourself.  Or at least you think so.   Developing a successful café means setting your ego to the side and consulting with experts.  These tips will save you time, money, and create a lasting concept for years to come.
These 10 Tips will put on you the right path to success before you find a location and sign a lease.
Tune in each month for a new tip including Branding,

  1. What is a Brand: What is your Story?
  2. Defining Your Customer : Matching the Experience to your Custom
  3. Identity:  Everything a Customer Sees, Touches, Hears, and Tastes – is Who you Are
  4. Space Dynamics: Plan Layout and Details with your Menu in Mind Make a Difference
  5. Physical Experience:  Aligning the Feel of your Space with your Brand
  6. PLAN for Success or be Doomed to Failure:  Have a Researched and Sound Business and Marketing Plan!
  7. Location, Lease, and Luck: Proper Prior Planning will Yield the Best Deals!
  8. Permitting Essentials: Preventing Nasty Surprises
  9. Operations: Designing the Customer and Staff Experience
  10.  Construction: Timing is Everything

Stay tuned every month for valuable tips.
CMelanie Corey-Ferrini, Experience Architect with Dynamikspace offers services from consulting to full service café creation.   http://dynamikspace.wordpress.com/

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