Asia first coffee focused forum “World Coffee Leaders Forum” opens to discuss and share the facing issues, environmental problem and sustainability.

  • World Coffee Leaders Forum that is the Asia’s first coffee focused forum deals with facing market, environmental and sustainability issues at Coex Conference Center Hall E, in Nov 23(Fri), 2012.
  • Approximately 700 attendees from around the world will attend this year. As well as the Coffee Organization and Association from the world such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Savador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Peru, Rwanda, U.S etc, will attend to World Coffee Leaders Forum.
  • Asian Market growth as the big part of world coffee market. Asian countries are consist with producing and consuming countries such as Japan that is 3rd biggest coffee consuming country, Korea that is most attractive emerging market, China and Japan that are most of potential market of the world, Vietnam that is 1st biggest coffee exporting countries, Indonesia that is home of specialty coffee and so on.  Also, consuming coffee steadily increasing in quantitatively as well as qualitatively with economic development. Asian countries followed developed countries to keep up the pace, but from now on, these countries should lead and find the global trends, industrial development and solution for treat of industry independently. On hence, World Coffee Leaders Forum will be a place to discuss the trends and blueprint of global coffee industry with changed status and responsibilities of Asian countries.
  • Moreover,World Coffee Leaders Forumselected environmental issues, sustainable development and theme of sessions. Authentic development of coffee industry will be achieve when consumer and producer develop together. However, producers and consumers care only about their own side. Environmental issues and sustainable development is very important issue to Asian countries that coexist consuming and producing countries. Effect the Abnormal climate to coffee producers and it’s solution will be discuss with real case study for better development model. On the other hands, Forum will provide a blueprint for the future by introducing fair trade and programs between producer and consumer.
  • Overview

Title: World Coffee Leaders Forum

Date: November 23 (Fri), 2012

Venue: Coex Convention Center, Hall E, Seoul, Korea

Agenda: Global Coffee Industry Trends and Challenge of Asian Market

Official Languages: English, Korean

Expected Number of Participant: 600 people from 20 countries


  1. The history and trends of World Coffee Market and Asian Market’s Position
  2. Effect of Environment Change to Coffee Produce
  3. Partnership between Consumer and Producer


Contact Point:

World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee

4F Baekyoung Bldg, 151-2 Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

T. +82.2.6000.6678 / 6711   F. +82.2.2051.3326    E. 

  • Registration Fee

Online registration: Oct 29(Mon) ~ Nov 15(Thu), 2012 at

Regular: KRW 140,000

Student: KRW  80,000

Cafe Show Exhibitor: KRW 100,000

Group:  KRW 100,000 (Contact with Committee

Onsite registration: Nov 23(Fri), 2012 at Coex Convention Center

Regular: KRW 200,000

Student: KRW 100,000

Cafe Show Exhibitor: KRW 150,000

Group:  KRW 150,000

  • Program details

Session 1 “Trend of Global Coffee Market and Position of Asian Market”

          Period: November, 23rd, 10:40 ~ 12:00

          Speech 1.History and Trends of World Coffee Market

          Speech 2.Potential and Possibilities of Asian Market

Speaker 1.Mr. Robert F. Nelson (NCA)

Speaker 2.Mr. Santiago Pardo (FNC)

– World Coffee industry changed dynamically for many years. World Coffee Leaders Forum will look into

the history to forecast future. Also, it will be great chance to follow up new trends of industry.

Asian Market that is the most attractive and potential market in the world will discuss in the Session 1.

Session 2 “Effect of Climate Change on Coffee and its Response”

          Period: November, 23rd, 13:20 ~ 15:00

          Speech 1.Green bean buyer’s experience at producing countries

          Speech 2.Climate Change case study

Speaker 1.Mr. Morten Wennersgaard (Nordic Approach)

Speaker 2.Mr. Christian Bunn (CIAT)

Speaker 3.Dr. Flavio Meria Borem (Universidade Federal de Lavras)

– Environment change and abnormal climate threat to coffee production. It became matter of life and

death to coffee producers. Especially to Asian market, producing countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia,

are directly connect with supply of coffee produce to neighbor market. Environmental change is no

longer some distance future problem. World Coffee Leaders Forum will discuss with Environmental

experts works in Producing and Consuming countries with diversified view points.

Session 3 “Sustainability development between Producer and Consumer”

          Period: November, 23rd, 15:20 ~ 17:30

          Speech 1.Realistic relationship improvement between Producer and Consumer

          Speech 2.Realistic data approach that COE programs

          Speech 3.The rise of Sustainability, the rise of Asia, and the interdependencies between the two”

          Speech 4.Relationship between producer and Consumer perspective of MAG

          Panel Discussion.Draw conclusion through discussion about Partnership case study and sustainability development

Speaker 1.Ms. Susie Spindler (COE)

Speaker 2.Ms. Cate Baril (Sustainable Harvest Company)

Speaker 3.Mr. Mark Fruniss (VolCafe)

Speaker 4.Ms. Xinia Chaves Quiros (VolCafe)

– It is easy to find programs to strengthen the relationship between producer and global coffee

relate companies. Also, many associations try to create helpful programs to producers.

World Coffee Leaders Forum look forward to discuss about sustainable development programs

with partnership programs that occur in real life. Non-profit organization and global trade

company will participate at Forum.

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