First-of-its-Kind Guide to Help Businesses Transition Away from Hazardous Chemicals

Leading Businesses, NGO’s and Government Officials to Release “The Guide to Safer Chemicals” on Monday, December 3

On Monday, December 3 “The Guide to Safer Chemicals” will be released by a broad coalition of groups working to replace chemicals of concern to human health or the environment with safer alternatives. This first-of-its-kind tool will set benchmarks for how manufacturers, retailers and purchasers can track their progress to safer chemicals.

The Guide is being released at the 7th annual meeting of BizNGO, a coalition formed in 2006 that includes over 500 leaders from businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and government agencies.

The Guide is a how-to-resource for implementing the visionary BizNGO Principles for Safer Chemicals: 1) Know & Disclose Product Chemistry; 2) Assess & Avoid Hazards; 3) Commit to Continuous Improvement; & 4) Support Public Policies & Industry Standards.

Staples, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Seventh Generation, Construction Specialties, Dignity Health, Method, Novation, Perkins+Will and Premier have all endorsed of the BizNGO Principles. The Guide will provide examples and strategies for both beginners and experts for managing chemicals in products and supply chains.

Every week new scientific research links exposure to chemicals commonly found in products to the increasing incidence of serious chronic health problems, including asthma, childhood cancers, infertility and learning and developmental disabilities. The uncertainty surrounding the safety of chemicals is eroding consumer confidence in a wide range of products.  Today’s business leaders recognize that safer chemicals not only protect human health and the environment, but also cut the costs of regulation, hazardous waste storage and disposal, worker protection, and future liabilities.

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