Royal Tea of Kenya's tea journey continues…

We are so pleased to announce that “RTK Handcrafted Tea” has been selected by one of the world’s top tea trainers and experts as one the best teas in the world. The tea will be used in the school’s training curriculum/protocol all over the world as “One of Africa’s rarest teas.” We will soon send the tea all over the world to the certified tea trainers who will train students about the excellency of this tea.
Finally, we also received his tea analysis pasted below:
Name of Tea: Orthodox Purple Kenya Tea
Acquired From: Royal Tea of Kenya
Type of Tea: Handcrafted Purple Tea
Description of Tea: A beautiful twisted long-leaf tippy purple-black tea
with a pleasant semi-sweet floral aroma. Purple tea is a new varietal.
Unique Characteristics: Toasted walnut and oak notes are prominent with a
light pear undertone. Cocoa notes are also present. Rich in anthocyanin (a
flavonoid), which pigments the leaves a purplish color. One of the the
rarest tea in Kenya.
Cost of Tea: $$$ per Lb.
Before Steeping
Dry Leaf Aroma: Floral
Leaf Dryness/Texture: Dry, twisted
Leaf Color: Dark purple and black, golden tips
Leaf Size: 2 -3 in. long
Amount of Tea: 3 Grams
First Infusion
Water Temperature: 170 F
Steeping Time: 3 min.
Tea Aroma: Mellow vegetal and floral notes, sweet honey notes
Tea Color: Golden amber
Tea Taste: A magnificent finish to this extremely satisfying tea. Superb
mouth-feel and body. No astringency.
Tea Rating: 9/10
Second Infusion
Water Temperature: 170 F
Steeping Time: 3 min
Tea Aroma: Same as first steeping
Tea Color: Same as first steeping, but slightly richer
Tea Taste: Same as first steeping
Tea Rating: 9/10
Third Infusion
Water Temperature: 170 F
Steeping Time: 3 Min.
Tea Aroma: Similar but more intense
Tea Color: Same as second steeping
Tea Taste: Same as second steeping, but more intense
Tea Rating: 9/10
Personal Experience of the Tea: This is a remarkably delightful tasting
tea with a complex flavor and aroma. It was invigorating to drink it in
that I could feel my Chi energy rising as my concentration became more
focused. Definitely a tea to remember.
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