January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Vermont non-profit takes a proactive approach to reduce this global killer of women

GroundsForHealthWaterbury, VT – Cervical cancer is a major killer of women worldwide and yet it is highly preventable. Cervical cancer kills almost 700 women per day in developing countries – that’s one every two minutes. Most of these deaths can be prevented. Proven community-based programs like Grounds for Health founded in 1996 are providing access to effective one-day screening and treatment programs for only 25 cents in materials per woman.
Screening tests are now available for detecting early cervical cancer as well as vaccines to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the main cause of cervical cancer. However, half of cervical cancers occur among women rarely or never screened for cancer. It’s hard to believe that 95% of women living in the developing world are never screened and that is why the death rate from cervical cancer is so high, and climbing.
People in developed countries do not think of cervical cancer as the major, global health problem that it is. Women in the west, for the most part, have access to life saving early detection. Not so for poor women living in rural areas in much of the world. Women who die from cervical cancer, die young, typically in their 40’s. These are the mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters who are pivotal to the health and wellbeing of their families and communities.
Since 1996, more than 580 Grounds for Health trained local community health promoters have brought almost 42,000 rural women for screening by Grounds for Health-trained practitioners in 5 countries. When cervical cancer is found early, it is highly treatable and associated with long survival and good quality of life.
Please support the cause to end this killer of women by letting others know about Cervical Cancer Awareness Month this January.
A woman who is screened even once in her life through a program like Grounds for Health is already 30% less likely to die from cervical cancer. Screened twice and her risk is reduced by 66%. Please help in spreading the word regarding this very important and preventable disease that affects so many women in the developing world. Visit www.groundsforhealth.org to see how your donation may save a life, preserve a family and empower a community half way around the world. Women taking care of women – a powerful strategy for a better world.
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