Royal Tea Of Kenya Red Carpet Tea Safari 2013 Success!!!

Last month, Royal Tea of Kenya embarked on a new adventure by providing exclusive tea safaris for special tea friends and clients. Despite the terrorist attacks in Nairobi in September our very first tea safari went ahead as scheduled at the end of September 2013.
Our tea “rafiki” friends flew in from the U.S. and Germany landing safely in Nairobi. Enveloped by the warmth and hospitality of the Kenyan people, they set about touring our tea farms where they met with tea farmers and their families and were treated to exclusive tea tasting sessions. Because this was also a safari they stayed at some of Kenya’s world famous wildlife resorts… This was an extensive tea safari and we will be sharing more details, photos and video footage in a few more weeks…
Here is a sneak peak of some of the highlights from our facebook pages. What would we do without the women tea farmers who faithfully pick this incredible tea!!!

Exclusive tea factory tours.

Karen Blixen’s home (from famed “Out of Africa.”)

Coveted “Purple Tea.”

Exclusive tea tasting sessions organized by “Royal Tea of Kenya.”

Now that they are back home safe and sound from a “life changing” experience, we are prepping for more tours in the 2014 beginning with an “Out of Africa,” Karen Blixen themed tea and coffee tea safari in January 2014.
All these tours would mean nothing without the hard work and dedication of our small scale tea farmers who supply us with the best Kenya has to offer. Please have a look at our PDF links of some of Kenya’s rarest teas:

Africa’s rarest tea!!!

Finally, we are so grateful to everyone who participated in this historic tour, we are thankful to the farmers who opened their homes and hearts to our visitors and we are so humbled that we have such loyal, lovely and committed tea friends and clients that share in our vision.
Asante Sana (Thank you so much)
More tea adventures on the way…..
If you are interested in finding out more about these historic tours feel free to contact us at

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